Services What We Offer

Our services are not confined only to Infographics. We deal in a plethora of graphic design and video services to meet your creative challenges. Our in-house talent pool offers you four main services:

1. Infographics

a. Static Infographic

Our major forte. And has been the same since our inception. We offer top-notch quality in the designs, ensuring maximum shares across all social media sites and driving more sales and traffic.

b. 3D Infographics

Our 3D visualization makes every shape and shadow, every silhouette and curves, just the real. Its always thrilling to see a design crafted in a realistic manner. Our 3D graphic designing team makes this true.

c. Interactive Infographics

Isn't it cool to get information within an information? A click on one graphic brings layers and sub-layers which don't overwhelm the viewers, but make them stay tuned for more. Thus, they get curious enough to know more about your message and brand.

d. Short Infographics

Good things come in small packages. Short/Mini Infographics combat with Information overload in an awesome way. These micro-contents could be adapted in any social media site, and are an easy way to reach your target audience.

2. Presentations

a. Corporate PPT Presentations -

Raw data and plain spread sheets are often overwhelming and tedious to follow. And standard powerpoint templates have simply become trite. We turn these plain texts and slides into high-impact presentation to help you deliver your message, and prevent your audience to glaze over.

b. Corporate Illustrations -

We are here to take care of your custom Corporate illustration needs. Our custom created illustrations add an aesthetic element adhering to the formal and professional tone. This visually enhances your message and makes it easier to communicate.

c. Data Visualizations -

Amidst the rapid growth of Big Data, and increasing content flow, we are here to make things easier for you. We create stand out data visualizations that you can use in your newsletters, brochures, emails, or blog posts.

3. Social Media Graphics

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, all have certain image requirement you need to meet. With our fully custom designed and out of the box Social Media graphics, you get the most out of your Social Media campaign.

4. Video Infographics

With the advent of 'viral video' concept, people are voraciously consuming live action video. Video Infographics are a great way to tell your story. We make just the right blend of audio and video to make your brands story worth sharing.

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