Design Process Simple Creative Steps

  • Right from the order placement, till the final delivery, our Design Process is the most transparent and easy that you can only experience with us.
  • Be it Infographics or Video Infographics, we'll start brainstorming, and get back to you within 2-3 working days with the first cut.
  • Thereafter we'll revise the design/animation based on your valuable feedback and give you the final product.
  • All through the process we'll remain in constant touch with you.

Let's break our Design Process further.

Design Process

Infographics + Social Media Graphics + Corporate PPT Presentations

Working virtually had never been so easy and hassle free. Here's a quick look at our Infographics, Social Media Graphics and Presentations Design Process.

image Initiate Discussion

After you are satisfied with our portfolio, just get back to us and let us know your best time to discuss further.

After a formal discussion we'll send you a Creative Brief questionnaire*. You simply need to fill it up and send back to us.

(*Filling the Creative Brief questionnaire is as easy as pie)

That's it... You're done! Now sit back and relax.

image Let's Brainstorm

Our Graphic designing experts will start brainstorming. We ensure each project is taken care by highly proficient designers, making the process smooth and technically sound.

image Receive Initial Concepts

Within a brief time of 2-3 working days, you'll get the initial concept(s) right in front of you. You get to use those individually produced concepts as a springboard to your final product.

image Give Feedback

You are free to evaluate, compare, tally, and every other thing you wanna do. :)
You might like the fonts of Concept A and color scheme of Concept B. You might like the layout of Concept C and theme of Concept D. Just let us know.

We'll revise untill you utter a big, "WOWWW"!

All through the process, we'll be in constant touch with you. Be it Skype, or telephone, or any other medium to contact.

image Receive Final Files

After the design is finalized, we'll send you the final set of Infographic Design files in .AI or in any other format you prefer.

InfoGraphicDesign Team create things... We read our clients' mind and peep into their thought process, and replicate their visions and craft it with creative prowess.

What we create simply converts more leads, drives more sales, and builds massive traffic. If your web-traffic is plummeting recently, why not try us once...

Design Process

Video Infographics

 1. Defining the project objectives

Effective communication is done to get a clear view of your requirement.

 2. Script

Our professional script writer prepare the script based on the subject and works with you to review and make edits as necessary.

 3. Storyboard

Based on the final script a storyboard is prepared which describes the characters and the story. A visual story is developed to help explain the story scene by scene, where graphics, characters, motion, and colour all are elaborated.

 4. Voiceover

After finalizing the storyboard, voice is recorded and edited either by software or by a professional voice artist as per the requirement of the client.

 5. Design

After the storyboard is completed the Layout department designs the characters or objects, locations & costumes. The next step is to define the surface, color, light, reflection, refraction, transparency, brightness etc.

 6. Animation

In this step the animation gets the life. Here the animator completes each shots by defining exact sequence and organizing the movements in order. Finally the shots are arranged to create the animated sequence. In this step the video is ready for the your review.

 7. Revision

The custom video is sent for your review, based on your feedback, revisions are done.

 8. Final delivery

After the finishing touches, the final revised video is sent to the client.

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