Wondering how to Display Infographics on your Website Effectively? 7 Sure-Fire Tips to Try Out!

Marketers these days need a potent tool to engage their audience and convey the brand UVPs to them. And one of the most efficient ways to do this is to feature an Infographic. But at the same time, it must be ensured to display Infographics on website effectively. If the graphics are unnoticeable, all the efforts to create and promote them are lost.

Surprisingly, an average user reads only 20% of the content featured on a website, making it equally challenging for online marketers to get their brand message across. Thus, keeping in mind that most websites these days rely on tons of information, it is mandatory to have a brand Infographic that simplifies these complex data and makes it easy to digest for the prospects.

The Incredible Benefits of Infographics

To reduce bounce rate, marketers prefer visually appealing Infographics for their brand that drive traffic to their website, as well as increase brand awareness. And when executed well, Infographics can work wonders.

Not just they are 3X more shared than any other content. But also are excellent tools for generating backlinks. However, it isn’t easy to create a captivating Infographic design that converts and engages both at the same time. Apart from the graphic criteria, certain technical aspects must be considered to make your Infographics work.

So what are the different ways that you can adapt to increase the effectiveness of your brand Infographic? What are the effective visual ways to display information on your website, homepage, or landing page so that you get more qualified leads?

Here, we have identified a few such tried and tested strategies for effective presentations that can certainly make your designs adequate, along with the best strategies to display them.

1. Embed the Infographic on your Website

The easiest and the most effective way to feature an Infographic on your business site. Just ask the original publisher of the design to share the embed code with you, and then simply copy and paste the code on your website. And you are done!

However, ensure that you have the correct embed code; an incorrect embed code is of no use as the design won’t show up on your website.

2. Display your Infographic within a Blog post

Suppose you have created your masterpiece and want it to reach as many prospects as you want. Well, there’s a simple yet smart way of making that possible. Create a short Blog post around the topic and feature your Infographic there. You can just give an intro in the Blog and leave the rest of the information to be conveyed through the Infographic.

Interestingly, 80% of Blogs that contain some form of visuals gain more views and traffic than those without.

3. Use Lightbox to display your Infographic in the Correct Size

It is always a challenge to display Infographics on website in their original size and resolution. Because usually size of Infographics ranges between 800-1000 pixels, but Blogs have a width of around 600 pixels. That’s the reason why some Infographics are shrunk down to fit them within the Blog post space.

But as one can imagine, these Infographics are not so successful and viral owing to their textual and graphical illegibility. However, that is no more a problem now. Use the plugin Lightbox, install it, and link it to the image.

Doing this will enable the viewers to view the design in its full size without any discrepancy. Lightbox also ensures that the background is dimmed for better viewing without even leaving the page.

4. Put Mandatory Sharing Options for Social Media

Implement instant share options to your Infographics to enable easy sharing for your users. Giving instant sharing options means more audience outreach, a greater number of views, and more shares. Place the share buttons above, below, or just beside the design to make them easier to notice.

ShareThis is an excellent tool to create free share buttons with which you can choose the specific social media platforms you want to include. Also, you can choose their alignment, size, etc. Using ShareThis is pretty easy- the tool generates a code that one needs to copy and paste to the web page on which the design is displayed.

5. Incorporate the Infographics within your eBooks

Usually, brands put their eBooks on their homepage for free downloads. Think of a way to include your Infographics within the eBook and share it as much as possible. The more the eBook gets shared, the more people will notice the Infographic in it.

Alternatively, you may turn your eBook into a visually captivating Infographic and display information effectively on your homepage or landing page. This is a cool trick to break out from the old-school eBook format, yet conveying your brand message with equal deftness.

One thing is for sure, one must make their brand eBooks more visual than ever. Then why not try something out-of-the-box and turn your eBooks into memorable and viral Infographics!

6. Use Infographics to Convey Processes

If you are a service-oriented brand, then you must have a certain process of executing the service you provide. Instead of explaining the process in words and generic icons, why not let a professional team create a charming Infographic out of it with custom visuals and graphics!

And once it is done, simply ask your developers to incorporate the design within the website, replacing the boring texts. And who doesn’t know, whenever there’s a complex process explanation, Infographics are the best tool to implement.

Not only you shall make a difference if you add Infographics and illustrations to your site, but also you will offer a greater user experience for your prospects. Even a layperson can understand each and every aspect of the process you are talking about, making them prone to select your brand over others.

7. Showcase Awards and Achievements in Timeline Infographic Style

Showcase your achievements, awards and felicitations, the esteemed clients you have served – with an Infographic and display it on your homepage. Instead of putting forth lengthy paragraphs and logos here and there, turn the whole thing into an organized format.

Doing that will not just make the homepage look aesthetically pleasing, but will also give you a better way of displaying Infographics on your website. Connect with a professional graphics design agency and get a timeline Infographic done for your brand.

Feel free to feature it on your About Us page, other brand promotional materials, share it on your social media handles – make your masterpiece viral in no time!

Bonus: Try a Video Infographic to Explain your Brand/Service

Well, to tell a clearer and more direct story, nothing can beat animation. The moment you put motion within your graphics, it becomes all the more engaging and attention-grabbing.

As per Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will comprise online videos. This is 15x more than what it was back in 2017. In just 5 years, such a vast surge in consumption of online videos took place! And thus, Video Infographics must be a mandatory tool in your Content Marketing arsenal.

That said, create an explainer Video Infographic that explains your brand or service or products distinctly. Things that cannot be done with static Infographics can be achieved with a well-crafted Video Infographic. There are several benefits to having a video content on your homepage, and that happens to be one of the most innovative ways to use information visualization across your website. So it is never too late to animate!


Knowing how to effectively present an Infographic on your website is of utmost importance mostly, because your website is the first thing that prospects check. And nothing is better than to showcase your Infographic designs on your website homepage or landing page, as it can bring you a lot of views and backlinks too.

The more efficiently you share the design on your site, the higher its exposureis. Creating Infographics might take sometime, but afterall, the effort pays off greatly in the long run, generating quality leads and backlinks. However, one must know the tips for how to create successful Infographic and double your webpage traffic and execute the designs in an ideal manner.

Organize your brand visuals around the topic or subject, collect updated data from authentic sources, ensure the content is equally engaging and the messaging is conveyed right. Also, make sure the design is not too cluttered, as that can repel the viewers.

Let us know if you have any other ideas to display Infographics on website effectively? If so, then share your ideas with us, and we shall discuss the same in our next Blog post!