8 Reasons Why These Unique Infographic Ideas Will Leave You Inspired

If you want to be prominent in this overtly crowded cyberspace, you would require infographic ideas that are unique.

The cyber-world is crowded with tons of informative and amazing infographics. So, to grab the attention of your target audience, you need enticing creative assets.

The internet is an ever-expanding sea of information; people receive every kind of knowledge they want. So, in this highly competitive age, how can you grab your target audiences’ attention quickly and effectively? One way to accomplish this is through the use of stellar and useful infographics. This highly useful tool delivers data and analysis in a way that helps your audience digest and understand information easily and provides an engaging and memorable visual experience.

Now, after reading this you might be anxious to create fascinating infographics but might not know where to start. You might flounder while having powerful and exciting infographic ideas that would resonate with your audience- for this; initially it’s essential to know what are the various kinds of infographics you can create.

Infographics are a combination of images, data and content. They are visually fascinating communication medium that enable every digital marketer to present complex information. In addition to that, these captivating, informative materials tell a story or otherwise transform statistical information into simpler forms.

As we know that infographics are one of the best marketing tools of all communication materials. Studies have also shown that including visuals make these materials more accessible to remember than any form of texts. The messages are received quicker and in a more compelling way.

Moreover, it’s not surprising that infographics have become widespread and penetrated far beyond the marketing sphere to the education and media industries as well.


Why you need unique infographic ideas

Needless to say, infographics are visual elements that have more charm than any textual documents. These elements have served as the attention-grabbing materials for long. But now with the rise and extended use of this form of the communiqué, you have to think nonconformably.

The graphical world has several beautiful and appealing visualization techniques which can be used to represent the infographic story-line persuasively.

Here’s a list of simple infographic ideas that would help you to be visible in the fierce competition. However, whatever the design, concept or perspective of each infographic is, a designer has to keep in mind about the three essential components which always remain the same: visual aesthetic, content knowledge and a beautiful story-line.

1. Create a flowchart or mixed chart infographic

Reason: Allows designers to present facts and figures perfectly

A mixed-chart or a flowchart infographic displays information in different forms of charts and graph formats. Charts are the best methods to represent any complex data. Such elements of an infographic enable readers to understand any topic in precision. In addition to that, each reader gets connected to the story-line quite well. Flowcharts are known to represent a solution to every problem. Flowcharts are ideal because they answer simply and solve a relevant issue for the viewer.

These charts can be the best choice for any infographic designer for the following 3 reasons:

  • Enhance awareness of complex concepts
  • Strengthen the persuasiveness of essential data
  • Make essential details more memorable

Take a look below to understand the different kinds of charts and graph diagrams. Utilize them effectively in your next infographic:

  1. Bar Graph: Column charts or bar charts can be useful to present data visualization for the data comparison needs.
  2. Line Graph: Line graph option is also considered to be a proven technique to explain essential details. Such representations reflect a very minute change. These data representation elements serve more benefit than bar graphs.
  3. Pie Chart: Pie chart is yet another best data visualization choice. This is type of representation which works excellently in specific areas, where parts of a whole entity require descriptions.
  4. TreeMap: This is another relevant and useful choice for your data visualization and this is very effective and apt for presenting your data hierarchy and ratios.


2. Anatomical infographic presentation

Reason: Grabs the attention of a large number of audience worldwide

Anatomical representation is mainly the detailed diagram of the structure or internal workings of humans, animals or other living organisms. These diagrams can be used in infographics for sow inside story of any topic. Among many beneficial infographic ideas 2018, a designer can grab the attention of a large number of an audience using this theme due to its visual appeal.

Anatomy diagrams are beneficial to represent:

  • A complex topic in a simplified way.
  • Narrate about the internal structure of something.


3. Use Real Photos for Your Next Infographic

Reason: Make your infographic more intriguing

The detailed infographic is yet another exciting concept among other favorite infographic ideas which you can use further to make your presentation more engaging. A photographic includes real-life photos besides texts. Needless to say, real photography has a more impressive effect than other designs. Hence, to be more prominent among your competitors consider using real photos and demonstrate your point of view to give a more intriguing edge.


4. Timeline infographics – A powerful way of story-telling

Reason: Enables designers to present a topic in chronological order

Timelines were first used by designers to tell stories of the historical period. Today, this design idea is preferred by both the audience and the designers because of its powerful storytelling capacity. Through timeline, designers can present subjects and show the continuous development of topics that have changed over time. Use dates to describe the development period nicely. As timeline structure is a linear structure, it can display any complex information and stories into more natural to coherent mode.


5. Use maps to present data

Reason: Helps to show topics that cannot be narrated otherwise

When you are creating infographics, you might come across many such topics that are hard to describe through narrations. In such situations, you can consider using infographic maps. Maps give you scope to present your overview of a complicated topic more subtly. Interestingly, infographic maps need not necessarily be maps of geographic areas. These maps can be used to provide essential data quite uniformly to the audience. This is one of the unique infographic ideas of all times.


6. Video infographic – The new trend today

Reason: The best marketing tactic to deliver your message

Video infographics have become one of essential parts of digital marketing strategy. Video infographics are entertaining; they are engaging as well as informative too. The infographic video includes various animations. Through the use of motion, these communicative marketing materials get the scope of explaining the subject matter. Using videos into your infographics is one of the proven infographic ideas for business. Several websites help you with an extensive range of template designs. Animation Video.com is the perfect site to assist you on infographic videos.

7. Process infographic gives detailed insight

Reason: Allow your audience to understand steps

When you want your audience to understand any step of a particular topic you can use process infographic. Among all other marketing infographic ideas, present your data by breaking down your processes into a series of easy to follow steps. With process data infographic template available on the web, you can choose one template and create your asset. Instead of making your target audience spend extended hours with your point, use process infographic and make your readers love it.


8. Why not Gifographics

Reason: Give your viewers an exclusive vivid visual experience

Gifs have been one of the most wonderful creative innovations till date. Why not marry infographics with Gifs? Use this two interesting elements together and create Gifographics or animated infographics. Nowadays, these kinds of infographic ideas would make your presentation more attractive and inculcate your perception into your audience’s mind, thereby influencing their purchase decision. Content Marketing Institute explains about the advent and necessity of gifographics in detail.


Key Takeaway

Want to be the next infographic superhero? Use the infographic ideas mentioned above and earn recognition in the industry. These ideas are universally accepted and many content marketing experts throughout prefer these ideas and influence modern designers to incorporate these concepts in their works.

Although these ideas are indicative, there are tons and tons of such concepts available in the market. Find any and share your thoughts with us – Infographic Design Team. We will help your dreams come true at an industry standard price.