The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Promote and Market your Infographics

Back in 2010, when Internet marketers were thinking of a better way to market their content, Infographics saw its birth. Top ten lists were done to death, typical marketing contents were getting people bored, and then there were videos that weren’t appealing enough to the audience. Infographics came in the market, and created a sensation. Since then Infographics are everywhere on the Internet. There is an Infographic for every subject, be it simple or serious. From marketing to bedtime stories, we have an Infographic ready on the Internet.

Well, this phenomenon is still there and to be honest, is increasing with everyday. So, the million dollar question: How can you stand out and be different from the rest? Let’s delve deep into this.

1. Infographic Directories and Blogs
There are a number of directories that accept infographic submissions and feature all of them to their audiences in a very nice way. This results in a new backlink and increases in traffic to your site. There are no processes as such, all you have to do is submit the infographic and hope that it gets displayed on the site.

Well, most directories do not have an acceptance policy, which implies that the infographic will be displayed the moment you submit them with a link to your original source. However, a few, take some time to review the submission and publish it in due course. Always follow each site’s submission instructions carefully and prepare a brief introduction to accompany your infographic.

Here is a good list of blogs and directories:

2. Landing Page Optimization
One of the prime goals of promoting an Infographic is generating public interest in your brand. In order to accomplish this most efficiently, you need to optimize the landing page where you want the infographic to be hosted. You also need to ensure your landing page is as user-friendly as possible. Don’t forget to add social media buttons in the infographic so that people can share it on their preferred platforms. Also lastly, provide your readers with an HTML embed code underneath the infographic, so that if they want they can easily feature it on their own sites.


3. Make a paid submission to Stumble Upon
As far as visually pleasing contents are concerned, StumbleUpon could be a great resource for you to promote your infographic. They have a dedicated category for submitting infographics that could bring you thousands of hits. But yes, no good thing comes for free. If you submit the infographic from an unpaid account, there are chances it could get lost. Don’t risk it. Go for the paid account instead. The standard Paid Discovery plan is flat $0.10 per unique visitor which is nothing with respect to the number of hits you would receive. This is a highly effective medium to market your infographic to the right people.

4. Consider your Email List
If you think the topic of your infographic will be relevant to your mailing list, then consider sending your infographic to them. Shoot them an email with a thumbnail of the infographic and link back to your landing page. This is an excellent and a safe way to bring people to your website and view the infographic. This also encourages the viewers to share it via the social media buttons placed on the website. Deeplink the sections in the infographic where it relates to any of your products or services specifically.


5. Keep the tools ready for social sharing
There has been a significant change in the way people used to refer and discuss about a company or a product ten-twenty years back. Now they talk about a product/brand in a very precise and systematic way, not just random gossip. Word of mouth is still revered as one of the most influential modes of promotion.

Take advantage of this but in a smarter way. Make sure you have enough social bookmarking tools beside the infographic to ensure easy social sharing. Amidst several strategic methods to place the social sharing buttons, choose the one that fits naturally with the layout of your website. One more hack. Always ensure that you give a request note for the readers at the end of the infographic to share it on their social channels if the information added value to them. The sharing request makes the readers likely to share the infographic.

6. Submit to Reddit’s Infographic Subreddit
Reddit is the genesis of all the Internet memes and jokes that we see every day. The Internet phenomenon and sensations sprung from Reddit first and then get spread all over the Internet. Thankfully Reddit has an exclusive subreddit, that is purely dedicated to infographics. Maybe the designs you post there won’t appear on the front page, but it could get featured in many blogs and Tumblr feeds. The reason behind is a large community of infographics fans who follow the subreddit regularly.


7. Promote your Infographics on Pinterest
Nothing can be better than Pinterest which is itself designed to showcase beautiful designs, to market your infographics. Here your infographics won’t get exhibited in a cropped version, but in its entirety. And for each repin and like, chances of a new visitor to your website is also increases. See that the company name and the website are clearly mentioned in the infographic; this will help the readers to identify you as the publisher of the infographic. That’s how you market your infographics on Pinterest, which has garnered praises from most social media gurus. And why not, like StumbleUpon, Pinterest too brings amazing traffic for stellar graphic designs and cool pins.

8. Influential Blogger Outreach
As long as the topic of your infographic is actually interesting, you would definitely find a list of blogs on the same topic. Just do a quick Google search and there you go! Find a blogger with a lot Twitter followers or Facebook fans and approach them. Tell them that you have come across their blog while doing some research online, what do you like about their blog, and then ask if they would like to see an infographic from the same niche. If they agree to see the infographic, and they like it, then you can make the pitch for them to republish it.

Of course, your infographic has to be an outstanding one; only then will the bloggers express their willingness to check it out. You may offer them a unique guest post on your website which would surely make them agree to your proposal. This doesn’t get counted as an aggressive request for them to repost your infographic and provide you with a backlink.


9. Don’t forget the Embed Code
To make it easier for your audience to share the infographic, consider putting an HTML embed code directly underneath the image. This is surely going to bring you backlinks to your website and make it easy for anyone to put the infographic on their website/blog.

Is there any other way to effectively market and promote your Infographic that we have missed? If yes then feel free and let us know. Share your thoughts as to which tip worked for you.

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