Start Making Your Own Infographic CV

One of our blog articles deals quite vividly about Infographic resumes, what are they, and why are they. Now it’s time for you to have one. And for that you need to follow some salient guidelines. This time the blog will try to help you carve out some of your own Infographic resumes if you are an aspirant. Even if you aren’t, the information would definitely come in handy (at least to guide an aspirant)… 🙂


The first step to any big thing is a proper planning. And when it comes to Infographic which is purely a graphic work, proper planning is the utmost important. Look back over your text-based CV. Make sure you only give the most important and relevant features in the new CV. Do not hide any significant information in an obscure position. Anything that you are proud of or you have achieved make it bold, bright and central. Decide which place is best for you to give the information so that they get in the notice of the reader. Any prior experience or other language proficiency, give these info at the top. Arrange the content accordingly and interestingly.


Color choice is a big deal. Try to go for a neutral yet soothing color. You are here to impress your would-be boss, do not indulge in something gaudy or loud, else you will lose your impression before it is made actually. So go for complementary colors; try Adobe Kuler with ample of color choices for you to try out, or even create and save. The best is to seek advice from an expert if you are not sure about the colors.

Consider the medium

Print it or go digital. Design your CV to fill the space available and so that it is viewed easily in its entirety. If you plan to go digital as it is normally done, then make sure it is easily viewed by a person with smaller screen than you. Landscape orientation is perhaps the best as it fills the screen and looks very impressive.

Picking the right program

For the choice of the software for your Infographic resume go for the best ones. Like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However as both of the software is expensive and require a level of skill and experience, you can also try the free alternatives online. Wordle and Tagxedo are a good starting point for the novice with less or no design skills. They could be easily put to use. However people seeking for a more comprehensive free tool can try Gimp, a much simplified version of something like Photoshop with drag and drop functionality.

Design tips

Strike a perfect balance between image and texts, and if possible, let just the images do the talking. Do play with a range of styles but keep the CV clean as much as possible. In order to make the CV attractive don’t make it busy. Perhaps a white background and less color is a good idea. Your images must be varied and large while focusing on the more important stuff.

You’re done

There you go, now you have come to the last phase of the process. You have an Infographic CV in your hand to highlight your skills, and just awe your would-be employer. It is an appealing choice when you need to stand out amongst the rest of the lot. Try it yourself, and be sure to get the call… All the best.. 🙂