7 Ways to Effectively Promote Infographics on Social Media

If you’re wondering the best way to use infographics on your website, this is the post for you. We will discuss seven different ways of using infographics on social media and then talk about how you can carry out your plan.


7 Tips on how to share infographics on social media

The following tips may help you to promote your infographic on your social media pages to increase your targeted traffic. Try one or all of them to see what results you may get in increasing your target audience.

1. Make your infographic part of your Facebook profile.– Facebook allows you to put anything you want on your profile. Why not create your profile by featuring your infographics on facebook? You could do this by uploading a photo of your infographic in reduces dimensions so that it becomes a featured photo, or simply include it as one of your most important aspects of your Facebook or other social media pages. Posting new infographics on your Facebook is also a great technique.

2. Post your infographic as a picture in Instagram.Instagram is, by nature, a photo platform. Infographics are a picture format. This means that the marriage of these two things: infographics and Instagram will create the perfect combination of both to present your ideas to the world. The people that come to Instagram do so look for photograph or images, including infographics. Use this opportunity to give them what they want and promote your brand at the same time.

3. Create links to your infographic picture from your Twitter account.Twitter only allows 140 characters in your posts. But you can create a link straight to your infographic quickly and easily with this many characters. Twitter is a great social media platform for quick blasts to your target audience. Just insert a link and watch them come running!

4. Offer free stuff on Facebook in return for filling out a form about your infographic.– People love freebies. If you offer free eBooks, photos, or other material on your Facebook, you may be able to get people to fill out a survey about your infographic. This can give you powerful insight and feedback on what they like or dislike about your content. Display the image of your infographic and then insert a link below the infographic to take them to an online survey.

5. Offer incentives for sharing your infographic on Facebook or Twitter.– Social media is best known for its sharing capabilities. Make sure to include a call-to-action within your infographic to get people to want to share your message with the world. Whether it is about your business, one of your products or services, or other topics, it will be worth your time to get people inspired to share your message with their friends and associates.

6. Place your infographic on Pinterest and watch your results soar.Pinterest is the best social media platform to put your infographic with. That’s because it is, by nature, graphic-oriented. In fact, that’s all that you can do with Pinterest. People who use Pinterest are far different that the people who use Facebook and Twitter, though there is some overlap.

The average Pinterest user was recently found to have the following demographics:

  • 81% female
  • Average age of 40
  • Annual income over $50K
  • 30% of all social media users are Pinterest users.

These are interesting statistics regarding Pinterest when you sum up this information. It boils down to middle age females being the primary audience on Pinterest who are predominantly female and relatively well-off. This doesn’t mean you won’t catch a few other types on Pinterest, but this is the average type of person that can be found on this platform.

7. Create a timeline for your business using an infographic.– If your goal is to tell people about the history of your business, using social media on your infographic is a great idea. Facebook users, as well as many Twitter followers, will be interested in where your business started, especially if they are loyal customers. It’s wise to not focus only on your business, but a timeline that shows how far you have come may appeal to your target audience as well as interested investors or B2B partners.

Sharing infographics on social media

Once you have the infographic created with your timeline, you can place it on your Facebook, Twitter (link), Instagram, and Pinterest pages to let the world know about your history.

Social media is one of the best places to put your infographic for maximum exposure when you are trying to promote a concept, product, or idea. Think of other ways that you can promote your brand through the magic of infographics. Don’t forget to ask us about our video and social media infographics when you contact us at infographicdesignteam.com.


How to promote your infographic – Use your imagination.

In addition to these techniques, you can also get creative and create other types of infographics. Social media infographics are a unique kind of infographic that we create an infographic design team. You can take a look at our portfolio here and see how social media infographics different from the other types. The best advantage to creating a social media infographic is that it takes into account the unique format of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others so that you know it will be compatible with their platform once it is created.


Social media infographics are custom designed to fit the platforms of the various social media outlets and to appeal to the types of people who frequent these sites regularly. It’s good to study the differences between the types of people who come to different platforms when planning your infographic campaign. Social media ads can also add values.

Meeting your Customers Where They Are

If you’re going to create a connection with your target audience, you have to meet your customers where they are. Many of them are on social media regularly looking for content or on YouTube which is also a social media platform. But do you think people think of YouTube as a video platform which it is, but it is also a social media platform? People are allowed to make comments and interact with others who have posted videos, so this qualifies it for a social media platform.

Don’t Forget YouTube

Leaving YouTube out of the mix in your list of social media platforms that you should create infographics for is a bad mistake. Millions of people per day are on YouTube looking for video content, and you can create a social media or video infographic that will run in video format on the world’s biggest video and social media platform.

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