Prezi as a New Trend in Infographics

Prezi as a New Trend in Infographics

Everything is transitional; nothing remains just the same, rather changes from time to time. Continuous new wave of changes take place in most of our surrounding concepts and idea, of which Infographics are no exception. Various changes and modifications are taking place in their forms and styles, and now its time to discuss another likewise change. The new style, or rather a trend is Infographics in Prezi. Prezi is basically a free non-linear, zooming presentation tool to create Infographics in 3D and fade-in animation way. Its visually pleasing and cutting edge style gives it a suitable choice for Infographic designers to go for it. It makes you Glide!!!

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software allowing users to create interesting, multi-dimensional presentations that are far more attractive than usual presentation. This new and unique technique makes each of the Prezis (that is what each of the presentations called) engaging and enjoyable. Unlike the usual linear presentations, Prezi enables users to experience a non-linear presentation with the zoom-in and zoom-out process. This additional benefit adds a zing to your Infographics rendering it even more appealing.

Instead of the usual linear presentation, Prezi enables users to create a visual map so viewers can zoom in and out interactively opening up a new world between white boards and slides. The zoom-in & zoom-out and pan movement all are new to the start up marketers, and is highly demanding to them. Prezi’s zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connection between them resulting in visually captivating. Your Prezi Infographic must be designed in a way so that it is remembered by many. It incorporates a psychology in its design, based on how visual images space affect memory. Your Prezi Infographic has all the chances to go viral and become shareable!

So instead of traversing from one slide to another, you can zoom, swoosh and segue from one idea to the next, presented as text, image, video or a combination. The more your Infographic is different from the other the more you can stand out in the market. In Prezi presentation each of the slides is presented in moving and floating way, unlike the slides you see in PowerPoint and SlideShare.

To be precise, it is like a big canvas on which you can put your content anywhere at any place, without any limit. One information can glide to the other, using its zebra wheel. It allows users to zoom in and out of the text, resize and change font style, embed videos, crop images and tilt text. Prezi’s zooming feature allows users to highlight the important points in the Infographic, and the tilting feature adds a fun flavor in its presentation. If your users are shown the exact information of worth they feel contended, and this is what Prezi does. You can zoom-in the key points.

It is a proven fact, the more attractive and engaging an Infographic is, the more it tends to go viral. Who would otherwise want to see a boring and dull presentation? This new trend of Infographics made in Prezi is not just a trend but a necessity. The more you create your Infographic in an unique way, the more viewers you get.

Instead of boring static slides create slides that are animated and presented in a more lively and animated way. That way the whole Infographic will move on the screen and will appear enjoyable to our eyes, no matter how much lengthy it is. This is the reason for Prezi Infographics to garner such a high demand and popularity. It is not a fad but the future of modern Infographics…