17 Presentation Design Ideas, Examples And Hacks To Woo Your Audience

PowerPoint and its substitutes are multi-functional means to serve a large number of functions for non-marketers as well as marketers. Presentation style holds unlimited powers for influence, as long as you recognize the way to design it. Here’s a valuable read on Presentation Design Ideas, style concepts and tips that will help you build the best for your next project purpose. Let’s clear up the concepts on the paper that will clear up the basics of building a high-quality powerpoint design.

PowerPoint Graphic Design, The Essential Tips To Build Your Next Big Attraction:

1. Make it subtle and strong but don’t deviate from the point

The layout of a presentation is meant to strengthen your information in additional in numerous ways.  Neglecting the importance of presentation style means to abandon all efforts to create an effective presentation in the 1st place. Regardless of the topic, you have to design each slide eye-catchy without stealing the spotlight from the information. Sounds challenging? Well, it is. Given the short span of focus each of us has, a wrong choice of design may cost an entire ordeal even if it carries vital information.


2. The best combination is of wit simplicity

Simplicity is an extremely exploited aspect because it provides positive results; but not always. Now, some presentations are hooking and then there are ones that are boring because they are way too simple. Yes, here, the first ones are different because they contain the revered twist of wit and humor in them. There is indeed nothing better than conversation-like presentations that connect to the audience.

3. Make it clear, don’t make them guess

Push the boundaries but not beyond the limit. Not overdoing is the key. Clarity is one of those main aspects that always work in favor of a presentation’s victory. A well-communicating presentation layout based on crisp content (information) of facts and figures can score the cream for presenters than opting for any conventional medium of business pitching medium that is not easily understandable.


4. Tell a story, let them dream by your idea

An amazing design has the power to invoke robust emotions that lead to fruitful communication. Storytelling is the art of grasping people and injecting within them your vision. That’s right, stories. Use this unique power of telling your dream, conveying your idea to influence your audience at the grass root level for maximum conversions.

5. Use references, case studies to gain their confidence

References make the case stronger. Once the audience gets to see the source of your data, they from that moment itself will be able to put the trust in the power-point that you will present for them.

6. Whitespace is not to be wasted, instead, make wise use of it

This is the space between the design elements and content composition of a slide. This is an amazing tool of communication, which only a few can recognize and use it to catch the attention of viewers.

7. Heard about the rule of three in graphic design presentation layouts

There have to be 3 of stages, ideas, points and steps. Every presenter out there has to understand and implement all of these when he or she is getting geared with the next project. The fundamental is simple; audiences love the amalgamation of these as they can readily connect and correlate with your unique presentation topics coupled with beautiful slide designs.

8. Do not stuff content, keep it clutter-free

The standard rule is to keep the slides of effective power-point presentations clutter-free. Wondering how? Use lesser design and decorative elements along with limited texts. That is how you keep your audience hooked. If experts are to be followed, each slide must not contain more than 6 words!

9. Go mobile-friendly with your presentation

Presentations are also watched on mobile devices nowadays; thanks to the wonderful evolution of communication technology. Doing business has become easy as a cake especially on the move. Reach your target audience on the go and convert your leads quicker than ever before with mobile-friendly presentation.

10. The theme is another most crucial point

Imagine this, you want to present your idea about pitching a new product of your company, but your slide designs are all reflecting the sales records; devastating, right? Well, it is indeed. So it is equally important to select the most relevant presentation slide theme that will maintain the uniformity of the presentation’s purpose with the perfect color schemes, elements and content.

11. Go bold with gradients without overdoing it

Color transitions and gradients make the slides look appealing as well as communicative. Add graphs, figures, add texts and let your presentation drop their jaws for the prolonged attention and desired impression.


12. Always use brand colors to inculcate a sense of trust and authenticity

You are presenting for your brand, so other than incorporating a logo in each and every slide, using the brand’s color scheme also is important. This inculcates confidence in the audience for the brand and can go on a long road.

13. Make use of bright colors and sober designs

This is the time to brighten up your presentations with bright colors that catch the attention and are also pleasant to the eyes. You can use them with overwhelming textual colors and flat illustrations to give your slides the extra mileage in impressing the audience.

14. Go monochrome for the drama in your presentation design ideas

You cannot be dramatic with your presentation speech, but there is this one thing that you can do to impress your audience perfectly and that is the use of black and white as the theme. Monochrome scheme talks about mystery, drama and nostalgia along with elegance and simplicity and therefore making your presentation slides look appalling.

15. Use simple outlines illustrations for talking about a concept

Simple illustrations make it easier for the presenter to catch the attention of the audience through crisp conveying of concepts to be pitched; especially with flat outline designs.

16. Mix up the illustration and colors for the bold effect

Show your confidence, build trust and create an everlasting impression with your audience by mixing up the designing elements like colors, fonts, illustrations and gradients. The perfect concoction and utilization of these can achieve the desired results in creating an impression for the brand.

17. It is smart in every incorporation of art

Okay, this might sound a bit over the top for any corporate life presentation, but in the case of presentation design ideas incorporation of artistic imageries and illustrations that are hand drawn can prove to be foolproof in drawing the attention of the targets.

Wrapping Up

Presentation Design Ideas have no dearth because inspirations can be gained from anywhere. Amazing design of presentation power-point is the need of the hour. But do you have the skill? Get your next project done impressively with an efficient presentation design agency whose professional skills will match up to and fulfill your project’s purpose. Presentations do not have to be synonymous to boredom anymore. With the right choices and right decisions, your next masterpiece is going to be the fulcrum of the success of your company. All the best!