Mari Smith’s 7 Best Tips on Social Media Marketing

Mari Smith is known in some circles as “the queen of Facebook.” That’s because she has such a corner on the market for Facebook advertising that people consider her a guru of social media tips for business. We discuss this topic often on our blog regarding the importance of online marketing. She has tried numerous social media tips and tricks to boost her page on Facebook with a high success rate.

Since Mari focuses most on Facebook marketing, we will look at 7 of her top tips on Facebook marketing in this post. You can also refer to her blog to learn more about Mari and also find her Mari Smith’s top 7 social media marketing tips for small business

Mari Smith’s top 7 Tips on Social Media Marketing


Facebook Tip #1: Understand Facebook Edgerank

The “edge rank” is the degree at which you can get the attention of people in the news feed. Statistically, only about 16% of your content in your feed is being seen by your fans. Mari suggests checking how your Facebook content is doing by going to

Facebook Tip #2: Include Photos

Mari reminds us that photos and videos get the best edge rank and they are also the most likely to show up in your fans’ newsfeeds. If you keep your posts to under 160 characters, you can maximize your visibility to your site and increase your level of engagement.

Facebook Tip #3: Don’t use 3rd-party apps to post links

If you are focusing on sharing your Facebook posts with other platforms, don’t use 3rd party apps. Facebook may not recognize them or allow you to share outside of their platform.


Facebook Tip #4: Change your Cover Image Regularly

Changing your cover image on a regular basis will help to keep it fresh and engage your audience on a higher level. It may also encourage Google to rank you higher due to the increase in activity.

Facebook Tip #5: Use the ‘pin to top’ feature

When you pin a post to the top, people will see it first at the top of your newsfeed when they check out your page. If you have media such as photos, videos, or infographics you want to share, this is a great way to draw attention to them immediately.

Facebook Tip #6: Optimize your App Thumbnails

One trick that Mari shares that few people are aware of is that you can go to and set up an account to redirect your apps to go directly to your website.

Facebook Tip #7: Monitor your Insights

A wise person once said, “What can be measured can be changed.” Those were the wise words of the entrepreneur, Peter Drucker, owner of many empires and claims to fortune through his insight and expertise. Mari Smith agrees. She states that you need to measure what is doing well and what is not and weed out the less effective methods to bring quality traffic to your website.

Use various tools such as Social Bakers and Google Analytics; you can chart your progress on your social media strategies and adjust them as you go.

Other best tips on social media marketing Mari gives involve checking your notifications more regularly, responding to comments, and creating interest lists that your fans will like. It is a new feature that Mari recommends using to get fans to add your page to their favorites. This way, they will always see your posts in their feed.

What we can learn from Mari Smith

Mari Smith knows her way around Facebook, and she has shared her helpful tips on social media marketing with thousands of people to boost their results. You can try these tips, too to see the results you get.

Remember only to change one thing at a time, so that you can accurately measure the progress you are making from the factor that you added or modified. If you try to change too many things at once, you may not know which factor was the most influential in the modification.

Most of Mari’s tips focus on how to increase your level of visibility with your target audience. Others have to do with staying on the radar of your target audience and creating better social media videos for your mobile audience. You can view Mari Smith’s Facebook page to learn more about what she does and get some more tips.


Tools of the Trade

Mari’s tips are great ideas to implement if you need to boost your Facebook reach and make sure your target audience is keeping you on their social media radar. You can also apply some of these techniques on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, these platforms are different in the way you post information and not all of these techniques will work with all of the different platforms.

Just use your imagination and apply them the best you can, while coming up with your ideas.

Before publishing new posts and media on your Facebook pages and other social media, you need to consider what you want to post. There are many things you can focus on when creating your social media campaigns.

Don’t forget to use media when posting your updates. People like photos and videos much better than text alone. So include some attractive photos and graphics with your social media posts.

One idea that many business owners use is to post infographics. Infographics are a combination of beautiful graphics and information that is encapsulated in one streamlined form that is easy to read and digest.

If Mari Smith were advising you on how to use an infographic, she would like to say to follow her tips above and then create a beautiful infographic that will attract the attention of your intended audience.infographics-gets-3x-more-sharesAlso, you should think about the best ways to use your infographic that will do the best, such as including it on your Facebook profile page, pinning it to the top as a top post, and sending it in email or Facebook messages to friends and contacts.

If you have a Facebook fan page, you can easily promote your infographic by including it as a pinned post at the top of your page to grab the attention of your audience.

If you need help creating an infographic, that’s where we come in. Mari Smith can show you how to use social media effectively for marketing. But we can create it for you. We are the, and we create custom-made professional infographics that will help you to get on the radar of your custom audience and stay on their radar.

Check out our portfolio of work and notice that we create four major types of infographics:

  1. Static infographics
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  4. PowerPoint presentations

With all of these choices to choose from, you’ll always have a way to put your infographic out there in front of the people who will appreciate what you have to say the most. Contact us today and see how we can help you reach your social media marketing goals, along with the help of social media gurus like Mari Smith. You can also check out this video for more tips.

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