Invest Into Marketing Videos For YouTube With Full Fledged Gusto

Recently in their blog post, the online video streaming giant YouTube revealed that people are watching 1 billion hours of videos daily, both on the website of YouTube, as well as on their mobile app. That’s a hefty number of cats & dogs, and “How To” tutorial videos.   🙂

Seriously, that is a great milestone achieved by any online video streaming website ever. Precisely, if we sit and watch a billion hours on youTube at a stretch, we will be taken to 100,000 years back in the prehistoric times. So you can logically imagine, the range of diverse videos YouTube showcases, that connects people across the corners of the globe through a single thread. The actual beauty of YouTube in its versatility and ability to scale. And you can very well leverage this Google-owned video platform for your business and brand.

Much like your website, YouTube can act like your salesperson that works around 24×7 round the clock, and sell your product or services. And with the number of viewership soaring high every day, numerous potential customers will stumble over your product explainer video and learn about your business, that may turn into conversions. Thus, the ever rising scale of YouTube is a wonderful thing for Internet marketers, and now with the latest stats known, you can start your online video marketing with YouTube with a new zeal and vigor.

1. Align your Marketing Videos with your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Don’t forget to align your Youtube goals with your overall social media marketing strategy. YouTube is just another significantly important slice of your social media marketing strategy. And you must ensure that it is consistent with the messages, contents and posts of your other social media channels. Recognizable traits bring back customers and create a possibility of conversion.

You must analyze what types of contents attract your audience the most. This would help you curate contents that are viewed over and over again. Investing right amount of time in a smart way on YouTube will help you in the long run.

2. Create Educational Videos
Do nothing but add value! Brainstorm and come up with interesting facts and lesser-known information that would gravitate your audience most. Don’t sell but educate people. This is how customer relation grows. And with that grows your YouTube presence that eventually turns into a sales booster.

Many people just surf through YouTube in search of an educational or a “How To” tutorials. If you can tap into this demographic, your chances of being visible in YouTube will increase.


3. Product/Service Explainer Videos also work
You would be surprised to know that still now many businesses are unknown to the concept of video and its manifold benefits. While many don’t do this, you avail the situation and make the most out of it. There’s nothing wrong in it, though! Only a video can explain a product vividly, like a salesperson and sell your product. If you offer service, fear not! YouTube is there to help you. Your video can explain the process of your service offerings and make the overall information easier to digest.

The best part of having a video in your possession is, everything becomes automated.

4. The Crucial First 10 Seconds
You have only 10 seconds to either capture, or let go. Utilize this first 10 seconds and focus as to how you can create an ear-and-eye-catching situation. Remember, it is all about engagement of your brand. Just like a headline entice an audience to read the news in total, focus on the first 10 seconds of your video to make people view your video till the end.

5. Consider Quality over Quantity
On Youtube, quality of a content matters more than the quality of the images. Don’t invest all of it in refining the quality of the graphics, while ignoring the content of the video. If you content is good, no matter how simple quality your video has, it will be viewed and shared. If most of your time is spent on wprking upon the graphics, then you will be out of time to create a good content.

Do not go for chiselling the graphics image at th cost of the video content.


6. Make it Aesthetically pleasing
You may not have to have uber high quality images, but at the same time, you must not neglect the aesthetic aspect of your video. Make the color scheme soothing and corporate-like. The color scheme must not be too much gaudy. Also choose fonts that are aesthetically enjoyable for your viewers. If your video is about road safety, you must not show too much blood and gut on the video just to create impact of an accident.

7. Optimize your Keywords for SEO
You have come up with a great content. But it lacks SEO optimized keywords, video headlines, title tags and descriptions. If you do not put relevant keywords in your video, it won’t come up in the search results. Keywords help your video to show up in the results on the first page, If they don’t show up, people can never watch them.

Image tags and descriptions are the hidden gems that boost your SEO rankings and promote you as the industry leader.


8. Encourage Brand Engagement
Your work doesn’t end by just posting your video on YouTube, and sharing it on other channels. Rather your work starts now. Be alert and responsive to every notification, every comments you receive. Ensure to respond to every single comment your video brings you. Seek valuable feedback from your audience. You may start a discussion on the comment box itself. The more comments, the more engagement. Youtube was actually created as a community forum and a platform for ocial intereation. Make the most of it.

And don’t take the comments as negeative and engagein any kind of foul play. There will be comments, both positive and negative. Take the positive comments as energy boosters, and the negative comments as further motivation and challenge. But do not ever respond in a hostile manner. This can prove to be dangerous for your brand image. Create a safe space for your audiences to put forth their thoughts. You would definitely see a rise in your return visits and website traffic.

9. Call to action
Once your audience finished watching the video, what do you want them to do? Share the video? Like it? Comment on it? Or reach out to you? Or a combo of all these? If yes, then come up with a catchy “Call-to-Action” statement that comes at the end of the video. This will guide your audience as to what should be their next step. Also from the call to action, they can get to know about your website and contact details.

Whenever they have a requirement for a product or a service that you sell, they will contact you.

10. Don’t Know How to Make Videos? No Problem!
No worries! InfoGraphic Design Team is at your service. With our years of first-hand work experience and practical knowledge, we create marketing and promotional videos, that are one of their kind. Our state of the art infrastructure and doyen animators totally understands the needs of our clients and come up with engaging marketing videos and Video Infographics.

So, now that you know the current status of Youtube videos viewership, you can invest your time and money into marketing videos for yur business, without a second thought. Any help needed, feel free to reach out to us.

Do you feel we should have add anymore points? Or do you have any innovative idea to leverage YouTube for your brand? Feel free to comment below.