How Infographics Can Save Time for Your Customers

Infographics are a great way to increase your level of engagement among your customers and leads. They are a unique form of communication that is more like a presentation that is compressed into a form that is easy to read and to take in.

But one of the best things an infographic offers your customers is the fact that it can save your clients time. In this post, we will talk about some of the ways you can help your customers save time as well as provide a way to continually reach your target audience with the right message and drive more sales. After all, the more time you can save your audience and your business — it all adds up to more time and money back into your wallet or bottom line.

Save Time And Money

How Infographics Save Time for Your Customers

There are many ways that an infographic saves time for your customers. A few of the more important reasons are listed below.

  • Visualization saves time.– When you can put information into a visual form, people do not have to spend so much time to get the information. Graphics, maps, and charts can all be neatly illustrated in an infographic.
  • Less text; more graphics.– By focusing more on the visual graphics rather than textual content, it saves your customers time by providing them information faster so that can get on with what they are doing.
  • More engaging format– Since infographics are a more engaging type of medium and format, you can increase your level of engagement with your brand and your products in a more interesting way. The use of bright or bold color choices increases this effect even more.
  • Puts more information in one area– Infographics can put more information in a smaller area, making them easier to read and digest.
  • Can be read easily on mobile devicesMobile users are expected to increase greatly in the next few years. The total number of mobile users by 2017 alone is expected to be near 4.77 billion. With so many customers coming in on mobile devices, it’s important that your mobile users can easily see and consume the information you put out. It saves time for mobile users when they can see an infographic that contains the information they need in a hurry.

The Organization of Information

Another way that infographics can save time for your customers is in the organization of information. By creating a streamlined approach to information and data, an infographic can serve to line up the relevant information that is presented so that it makes more sense. Big data is great, but you need a way to make it more readable and scannable to your target audience.

Many people will take the time to read an entire article if it is a topic that interests them enough. But creating an infographic on that same subject is an excellent way to increase the interest level of your readers and customers and to save your customers time in digesting the material.

It’s great to know that you can put the same information in an infographic that you put within an entire article. It will be in a different form, and it will be more focused on the graphic aspects and data rather than text. But that is why it saves your audience time, and this is a key benefit of the infographic as a tool for your brand.


Including Infographics in Emails

One great method you can use to save time is to include your infographic in emails. Rather than sending customers an entire newsletter, you can tell them everything they need to know in one infographic instead! Imagine the thanks you will get when your customers can see all of the information in one cool infographic!

This avoids you having to flesh out immense amounts of information to formulate email newsletters as well. There will be times you’ll want to include more text, but infographics can save huge amounts of time by providing your customers with information that they can read in one glance.

How Infographics Save You Time, Too!

We’ve talked about how infographics save your customers time. By creating a more easy-to-digest format for information, you will keep your customers happy by allowing them to take in the necessary information they need at a fraction of the time it takes them to read and respond to an article.

But they can also save you time, as well. By creating some well-designed infographics, you can rotate them around to your email campaigns, social media, and even your automated social media schedulers to provide your customers with continual fresh content.

Infographics are easier to recycle and to use because they contain valuable information that you may want to show to various audiences. Using infographics in some combination with your social media automation, you will create a constant marketing machine to produce high-quality graphics and data that your customers will appreciate and love.


How to Create the Best Infographic

How do you create the best infographic for your brand? The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can put in your infographic. Some suggestions that you may want to use are listed below.

  • Timelines and history– Infographics are a perfect place to put your timeline about your business. Tell people when you started and include dates for each important achievement. People can see how your company has grown over the years and it will help engage your customers about your brand.
  • Product descriptions– Do you have specific products that you wish to promote? Infographics are a great place to put your key products or services and advertise them to your customers.
  • Graphs and charts– There is nothing like colorful graphs and charts that show your customers important statistics about your business or topics that they want to know about. Use this instead of lines of text to increase the level of engagement.
  • New product releases– Do you have new products that you want to introduce to the world? Creating an infographic is a great way to do this. Including stunning photos of your new products may help to increase interest in your new items to your primary audience as well as newcomers to your brand and website.
  • Evergreen content– By creating evergreen content, you can reuse your infographics at different times throughout the year and still be relevant to your purpose.

There are many ways an infographic can save you time. They can also save time for yourself as well. Creating a great infographic is the first step in doing this. For help in creating your custom infographic, visit us at

We can brainstorm with you and create the perfect infographic that you can promote to your custom audience. Once you have a great infographic, we can also advise you on how to use your infographics to your best advantage and help you save your customers time while providing them with valuable information that they need and will value.