Infographic Marketing: A Gem To Flourish Your Business

In a world where 80% of people are willing to click 5 times more on that information that has the impressive use of colors or attractive graphics and 45% more users view links that feature infographics, how can you not give enough importance to infographic marketing?

As you know infographics are the best concoction of texts, graphics, images and designs and communicate a complex data to a target audience in a visually compelling way, hence marketing with infographic is one of the most proven marketing strategies today.

But what is infographic marketing?

The act of using infographics to establish brand authority is Infographic marketing. The best way of marketing with brand infographic – publish them for SEO appeal, thereby promote them for maximum exposure and link building throughout.

Although you know that infographics are valuable as a dissemination material, yet you might not know why use infographics for marketing?

Here we list certain points for marketing infographic 2019. Take a look at the advantages of doing infographic marketing:

  • Infographics Are An Excellent Approach To Increase Sales

Did you know infographics serve as a great sales tool? As the human brain consumes visuals better than texts- infographics can easily make a lasting impression on your target audience. Using infographic lets you showcase about your company, your brand. Hence you can instantly make it obvious to your potential buyers as to why they should choose you over your competitors. To put it in other words, infographics could educate your prospects in an obvious way and be the best PR tool ever.


  • Infographics Are More Shareable Than Other Content Types

Amongst all content types, infographics are the most shareable piece. This is because they present information in a short and precise manner and are also easy to share. You can even incorporate it into blog posts or an article. In addition to that, there is scope to repurpose and drive further engagement from the content. Several types of research reveal that marketers who have used visual assets in the social media marketing have received shares and retweets 18 to 20% more.

  • Infographics Are Linkable And Help You Earn Inbound Links

One can’t deny that infographics are linkable and they earn you huge inbound links. Infographics build with visually compelling data and good design are hence the best digital marketing infographics. So a website having infographics are sure to make your traffic visit it more and click on it more than any textual contents.

  • Infographics Establish You As An Expert In Your Niche

Given the fact that infographics are shareable and linkable, they’re a great way to establish you as an expert in your niche. However, you need to focus on the right distribution of the content and follow the right strategy. The best method is to carefully plan a series of informative and engaging infographics and combine it with a solid outreach strategy. You will watch an exponential growth in your engagement with such internet marketing infographics.

Infographic Marketing: A Gem to Flourish Your Business

We are always in pursuit of success, but we have no clue where to start and what strategies to follow. Now the good news is, marketing experts have shown us they use of certain simple tools and techniques which are sure to bring thriving results for us. Take infographics – have you ever thought that presenting contents to the target audience in this form would one day emerge as a visual asset.


Mentioned below are some of the best practices of infographic marketing:

1. Align Your Infographic Marketing To Support Existing Strategies

Marketing is successful once you create a well-devised plan. When you think of infographic marketing, try to align it with your other existing marketing strategies. This means your infographic promotion should support, enhance and complement all your other marketing.

 2. Let Your Audience Know That They Can Share Your Infographic

If you want infographic marketing to be effective, it’s imperative to let your audience know that they are free to share your graphic as they want. You are wondering how to make it shareable? Just embed code in your infographic and get others to share your content and brand.

3. Leverage The Power Of Social Media For Infographic Marketing

Your infographic marketing strategy will work well only when you spread your brand message far and wide. How do you do it? It’s simple, just leverage the power of social media – post your brand story on all popular social media channels (provided you have an account) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest account. In addition to that, you can also include infographics in your email marketing campaign or consider sharing it directly with individuals who influence society.

Industry experts vouch for it that sharing infographics on your social network among your followers definitely brings amazing results. To get greater results, you could put it on your blog so that your community can see or share it with employees.


4. Newsjacking is the Infographic Can Be An Excellent Idea

Heard about newsjacking? Well, over the years this approach might have undergone several ups and downs yet if used in the right way newsjacking can be the best tactic to captivate your audience’s attention. But newsjacking is a tricky approach, find out fresh and interesting news to newsjack in an infographic. Considering newsjacking can bring you results you have been waiting for years.

5. Repurposing Infographic Gives You Required Attention

Repurposing old content is one of the best ways to get maximum attention. Marketing of any kind whether infographic marketing or not involves a lot of energy, time, money and resources. Why let all your efforts go in vain? Explore ways and get more mileage from it, whether you consider turning out micro content for social networks or incorporate it into blog posts, try a divisible content strategy to get more ideas on how to reuse your infographics.

6. Optimizing Infographics – Massive Step In Marketing

It’s no secret that taking decisive methods to optimize Infographics is a crucial step for infographic marketing. There’s proof that 63% of visitors click on a Google image and proceed towards the website. How to optimize your infographics? Focus on providing appropriate filenames, blog titles and also the keywords you use.


7. Diversify Your Infographic Styles

Besides experimenting with contents, modern marketers should also experiment with designs. Today’s audience appreciates the variation in designs. Hence you need to explore with several design styles although adhering to your brand style guide.

Now let’s take the example of the following 3 brands that have used infographic marketing strategy to their advantage. 

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing solutions help marketers connect with people throughout the LinkedIn Platform.

How are they using infographics?

LinkedIn Marketing solutions provide value to marketers by offering them all the essential tools needed to do their job. This means their infographic marketing is focused on gathering specific solutions with insights and knowledge to help marketers.

Modern marketers can take this example and use tips, tutorials and other information to help readers in some way.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

  • Digit App

Digit is an app that automates your savings.

The app helps people become financially healthy. But documents that deal with money matters tend to be extremely boring, hence to engage more and more target audience Digit app use colorful infographics and use the tactic of newsjacking.

There’s no denying the fact that these visually attractive documents that are intelligently done are treat to the eye as well as extremely competitive. Digit has been creatively persuading the audience for further action.


  • Jobvite

Jobvite is a recruiting software company that helps people to search, hire and onboard the right people. Jobvite focuses on satisfying the needs of recruiters. Through infographics, Jobvite communicates about the latest job market statistics to the concerned audience. This way Jobvite synthesizes info and delivers it in an easy-to-consume manner, saving their incredibly busy readers time and energy.


Final Thoughts

Infographics are one of the best ways to tell your brand story. They are great for representing data and statistics in a visually compelling way. Using infographics, let your target audience know how you have helped your client. To effectively perform infographic marketing, it’s imperative to put on a little thought. Apart from all the above tips, you can put forth your creative thoughts and make the most of this popular content marketing strategy. Taken everything into consideration, infographics are the best tool to increase traffic, subscribers and sales.

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