Top 10 Free Infographic Directories and Submission Tips – Infographic

Infographics are simply the best way to turn text content into exciting visual masterpieces. Businesses and brands love to use infographics to get their messages portrayed through colorful and engaging visuals to their target audiences.

Internet users around the world love to read infographics because they have refrained themselves from going through a colossal 2k words document, incorporated with monotonous statistics, in a short span. At this juncture, infographics prove to be an incredible visual treat for them, which they can look at with all their interest and imprint the figures and information quickly.

Now the question arises at this juncture, where will you put your infographics up at? A lot of you will shout about the social media platforms, a chunk of you will call up your website, but do you know about the infographic directories? These directories are the websites, or you can call the hub in which you can put your infographic contents up for the internet users to see. Today, not only will we be showcasing ten excellent infographic directories for you to start taking advantage of, we will also provide some useful tips and additional ways to bring exposure to your infographic as well.

Top 10 Infographic Directories and Submission Sites:


One of the largest image resource sites on the internet, allows users to create, submit and analyze infographics and images across the internet. To submit infographics, simply visit their site, create an account and submit your infographic.

2. Slideshare

Now owned by LinkedIn, Slideshare is the biggest resource online for powerpoint slides, presentations and also infographics. To submit an infographic to Slideshare, simply create an account and upload your infographic file. Depending on your current file type, you may need to convert your infographic into PDF or JPG form. Upload it. Fill in the required fields of information and post it. Don’t forget to share it as well!


3. Mashable Infographics

Mashable is one of the internet’s favorite resources for everything technology, entertainment and business around the world. All of which are relatable to infographics! While Mashable isn’t known for being a huge resource of infographics, they do feature them every once in a while. If you want to try and have your infographic featured on their site, head over to and fill out the form. Make sure your infographic is of the highest quality and related to other content found on the site.

4. Fast Company Infographic of the Day

Fast Company has always been a name synonymous with the growth of the internet. It’s also well known for its “Infographic of the Day” section, where new infographics are hand-picked and featured daily from their editorial team. To submit your infographic to Fast Company, send an email to along with a short write-up on your infographic and where they can find it.

5. Reddit Infographics

Still one of the most active communities online, that isn’t claimed as a social network, Reddit is another great resource for infographic submissions. To submit infographics to Reddit, you can visit and simply submit your infographic after logging into your account.

6. Marketing Infographics

With millions of infographics floating around the internet, it’s always nice when you can find directories that are focused on one specific niche audience. That’s exactly what you will find at, a site that features a handful of new infographics every week — all focused on marketing, social media, business, and entrepreneurship. Complete the form on their contact page to submit an original infographic to their site.

7. Infographics Showcase

Infographic resource sites like Infographics Showcase make it easy for others to find only the best infographics online. Submit your infographic to their collection by referring to their email, where you can provide their editor with all of your infographic details.


8. Daily Infographic

With only 365 days in a year, how could you ever get through enough infographics at just one per day? Daily Infographic can help you with this process, as they feature a new infographic on their site every day. To get your infographic featured as one of their daily highlights, click on the “Sponsorship communications” section of their site and complete for submission form with all of your infographic details.

9. Cool Infographics

With over 7,000 average visitors on a daily basis, not only does Cool Infographics have a great selection of visuals on their site… they also have the audience that brands using infographics are looking for! Take advantage of this excellent marketing opportunity by completing the contact form on their site and filling in your infographic details by logging in or signing up. However, Cool Infographics doesn’t take just any infographic… it has to provide value, look professional and also be “cool”.

10. I Love Charts

Not all infographics need to have a call to action or be marketing-focused. I Love Charts highlights some of the best infographics in the world today, which are specific to charts, graphs and everything in between. If you feel you have a chart based infographic and would like to add it to their site, complete all of the necessary info on their submission page.

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of the top infographic submission sites, now it’s time to pull all of your infographic data together so you can start getting listed without any problems. Reach out to each of the sites above, but also don’t forget to follow up submission tips below.

Infographic Submission Tips

Before running off to each of the infographic resource sites above and trying to get your content shared with the world, be sure to follow these helpful tips. It’s important to remember that many of these sites get thousands of submissions every month. To improve your chances of getting your infographic featured ensure all of your data is correct and laid out based on the needs of each individual directory. As an extra benefit, offer to promote the website after your infographic submission goes live. This is a win-win situation for both your brand and the site featuring your infographic.

Don’t Forget About Social Media!

With over two billion active users across Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and others… it would be a huge mistake to not take advantage of this massive traffic source at hand. When posting to each social network, take a few minutes to create a unique thumbnail image to match the site of your status updates as well. You can click here to see an updated chart on sizes and restrictions you should be aware of.

In addition to making manual updates and posting your infographic through your social media accounts, make sure that you have social sharing buttons placed on your site as well.


Infographic Success is within Your Outreach

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