How to Include a Call to Action on Your Infographics

Do you have an idea for an infographic for your website? Great! Infographics are one of the best tools you have for increasing your leads and getting essential information out to your target audience. Most business owners understand the value of an infographic because of its power to grab a reader’s attention in a neat and organized manner.

A well-organized infographic can streamline information in a way that will capture the attention of the people who are most likely to buy from you while presenting it in an attractive manner.


One of the challenges in creating an infographic and placing it on a website is the question of how to add a call to action button within the infographic. Infographics are jpeg files and are places on a site as a photographic image or graphic. You can refer to the infographics design inspiration in this case on the internet. This means that you are unable to place a link that is clickable within your infographic because it will not convert to a clickable URL once you save the file as an image.


But there are other ways to create the URL link for your infographic. Below are some of the most effective ways to create your call-to-action.

1. Create a link to social media.– You can create a “share” button for your infographic that you place below the infographic. Many shoppers and online readers are used to seeing a social media sharing button. When you place this link underneath your infographic, you will encourage social sharing as well as offer a way to act on your message. Consider including an incentive of some sort for sharing your infographic with their social media friends.

2. Include a call-to-action at the bottom of the graphic.– Yes, that’s what we said. Including a call-to-action at the bottom of the graphic will increase your results, even if the link is not clickable. Some people avoid doing this because they think people will not act on it if they cannot click on the link. But remember that some action is better than none. Even if the link is not clickable, you can encourage more people to interact with you if you place the link underneath the graphic. Using words such as “Click the link below the graphic,” should be sufficient to carry the viewer a step further to act on your call-to-action.

3. Turn your infographic into a video infographic.– Creating a video infographic out of static infographics ideas can give you another way to include a call-to-action within your infographic. By creating a video for YouTube or another video platform, you’ll be able to insert a link right in the video that people can then click on. This puts the call-to-action in plain view of the viewer so that they will know how to get to the link right after the video plays.

4. Offer an incentive.– We mentioned incentives before but including an incentive with more value can increase the interest in your product or company. How about including an eBook or discount coupon for your company within your call-to-action? Increasing the value of your incentives or extra perks may help to increase the likelihood of adding leads and conversions.

5. Blog about it.– If you want to increase your call-to-action effectiveness, consider writing a blog about it. If you already have a blog, just insert your link for your call-to-action in your blog with a link that leads to your landing or sales page where they can purchase an item or check out your main site.

6. Do a survey or poll.– Creating original surveys or polls about your infographic can help to increase the level of engagement in your message and improve the results of your call-to-action. You can put the poll at the bottom of the infographic or provide a link at the bottom where they can fill out the survey on another site.

You may want to consider putting your infographic on a separate page from your main page so that it has a dedicated space on your website. Remember that Google indexes every individual page, not just your main page, so it is to your advantage to create an original page for your infographic.

The Importance of call to action in infographics

Forgetting the call to action is a big mistake when creating and sharing infographics. The purpose of the infographic is to share information. However, if you don’t see a result from your graphic, you are defeating the purpose. Take advantage of the natural tendency of infographics to incite people to action by creating a strong call-to-action for your next infographic.

You can see an example of an easy call to action through the graphic below. Offer something of value to your audience for free, and leave it up to them to take action.


Lower Your Bounce Rate

When you have a compelling infographic, you will lower your bounce rate and improve the success of your website. Your bounce rate is the percentage of times that users are “bouncing” off of your page without performing any action. The action you are targeting could include purchasing a product, looking at products, or performing any other action on your site. Interaction and viewer retention are important aspects of your site, whether you have video, media, or infographics on your page or not. But you should always be looking into what is making customers bounce off your page to see how you can improve it.

Google Analytics is a good basic tool created by Google that will help you to optimize your page to avoid bounce rate. Also, you will see where people are coming from and where they are going once they leave your page. This information will allow you to dig deeper into the factors that are influencing your bounce rate so that you can increase the quality views.

Focusing on your target audience

One mistake that people make when trying to market and promote their site is to try to offer something for everyone. Any marketing expert will tell you that you cannot sell to everyone. In fact, it is often the minority of people who will respond with your brand in a positive way. By narrowing your focus to cater to your target audience, you will filter out the people who are not interested and focus on the ones who are. Your call-to-action should address the needs of this target audience, not the general public.


The ultimate infographic design tips

If you need help to create your infographic, that’s where we can step in. We’ve been creating stellar infographics for companies for a long time, and we can do the same for you. No matter what your topic, you can use your message to attract new leads, promote your business ideas to B2B partners and clients, and use it to communicate with potential customers to improve your conversion rate. can create an infographic for your business based on your goals for your online business and the information that you want to communicate to your viewers.

You should think about how you are going to approach this when planning your infographic so that you don’t try to fill it with unnecessary information that won’t appeal to your target group.

Call us today and take a look at our online portfolio to see how we can help you get your message out to the people who are most likely to interact with and purchase from you.