How to Improve the Quality of your Leads?

What is Lead Quality all about?
Casual enquiries, and strong leads that you know are sure to convert, are two different things. A casual enquiry doesn’t follow a general logic, and if you are smart enough, you could catch hold of it. Every day, every hour, Internet marketers are flooded with these kinds of casual enquiries. You have spent hordes of money into your PPC campaigns, and that has generated a substantial amount of leads for you.

But after a brief analyzing, you find out that most of those leads are nothing but ‘junk leads.’  Very few of them has any actual opportunity.  So how do you maximize your conversion amidst this? The secret behind this is acquiring quality leads.If you get quality leads, you must nourish and put your best effort to turn that lead into a better prospect. This effort on your part highers the chances of your getting further quality leads, and contributes to better sales turnovers.

Because with your experience and expertise, you can generate future sales results from the available leads. For any brand, generating a maximum number of leads isn’t the prime motto, but generating high quality leads with the maximum ROI is the primary focus. If you keep on getting bad leads how would you sustain your business on a long term basis? Better quality leads are always valuable to businesses because it helps to manage and distribute expenditures meticulously.

So how do you improve your lead quality?
First of all, you have to work on your promotions. You have to promote your brand in such a way, and across such social media platforms, forums and communities that there is no room left for any low-quality lead to get generated. Only those prospects who truly need the services and products you offer are made aware of your existence. This way, you would be reached out only by those leads who genuinely require the services you offer.

There are several though.

In this article, we discuss six of those tried and tested strategies that can actually help to generate quality leads, from the bottom of your sales funnel.

Let’s dive in.

1) Don’t be ambiguous and mislead your Audience
One very typical instance why bad quality leads are generated is, the eyewash of giving an impression of being entirely ‘free,’ when in reality that’s not the case. Say you have a dating website that advertises itself on one of your affiliates’ website, to be entirely ‘Free’ to use, simply by logging in with Gmail or Facebook account. And when someone actually does click on the advertisement that redirects them to your website, he/she is welcomed with a landing page instructing for a membership or a monthly subscription plan.

Don’t give out click bait ads that mislead people. Also, you must be knowing the fact that ‘Free’ things mostly attract cheapskates who are too much concerned about spending their money. In other words, the more you be transparent and honest in your ads, the more you get higher quality traffic.

2. Take resort to Marketing Automation
You know, only 27% of inbound leads are qualified enough to be passed on to the sales team. Why is this vast deduction? It’s because most of your prospects fail to understand what your services are, what products you sell. Once they are enticed by your ads, or by your website overall, they place their enquiries without even understanding whether your service is what they need for their business. And till they understand it, you have already been notified with the lead. It’s a waste of time for both of you.


Irrespective of offline or online sources, inbound leads are feasible to come to your website. If only you have an option for automation in your sales funnel, the quality of those leads will be judged before they are passed forward to your sales team. Sales funnel automation will give you powerful insights about obtaining the right quality of leads by combining and consolidating your marketing campaigns.

3. Proper Tracking methods prove to be useful
Besides measuring your conversions, there are other parameters that you need to track and keep a check on. This allows you to gain insight about a lead, which campaign or site it came from, along with the keywords they used to search, and the device they were on. To accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, one of the best way if to use UTM Parameters and ValueTrack Parameters.

4. Segmentation is needed for each Campaign
Most of the time, we set up our marketing campaigns or ads in a generic way that they are focused on the products or services we offer, instead of setting up the campaigns following the way our target audience searches for the solutions.

If only we adhere to the searching process of our prospects, we can carefully plan our campaigns to segment our services/products. Segmenting them as per the main feature, category, subcategory, benefits, target audience/industry, and geo-location ensures an earnest effort. Thereby yielding high quality leads and increasing the conversion rates.

5. Be sure of your Targets
Be sure whom are you targeting, and what are you targeting. Suppose you own a slimming center and promise to make a toned tummy within two months. Now a man of 45, obese and timid, is likely to have less confidence in him when it comes to toning down the pounds and getting a toned tummy.


Now when you target at him with your marketing, your marketing should be such that instills confidence in him. Give pictures of older men with flat tummy, young girls flocking around him, young guys envious at him. Perhaps you can make a landing page with this concept. Give testimonials of your clients who have seen a visible difference in them. Make that man understand that yes, reducing weight is not a myth and is not restricted to a particular age.

6. Managing Lead Intelligence is another Key
Lead Acquisition Value. One of the most strongest and valuable parameters that you need to consider. Manage all your inbound leads on the basis of their lead acquisition value. This implies categorizing the leads as per Hot, Warm, or Cold. Leads that are very much certain to get converted leads that have reasonable chances to get converted, and the leads that have slight or absolutely no chance of getting converted.

Without the right metric, you will fail to grasp the importance of each lead. Once you acquire the insight of the traits of each lead, you can pass on the information to your sales team, and they can take it up from there. This data will also improve the capacity of your sales team to handle the essential lead responsibility.

This is what managing lead intelligence is all about.

Most businesses consider lead quality as a variable metric and mostly out of control. But you can improve your lead quality through selective measures that bring optimal results.Thus, the CRM provides an intelligent way to ramp your revenue and moderate your workload.

By being discreet and choosing selective measures, you can improve the quality of leads that comes to you every day. Yes indeed that takes time, but once done correctly, you can create a targeted campaign optimized for high quality leads that bring you optimum result. If you could just take some time out and optimize your campaigns based on the insight of each of your leads, you can surely boost your lead quality.

If you have any thoughts to share, please feel free to do in the comments section below. We would cordially welcome your contribution to our post. And if you need any help in your branding efforts, please get in touch.