How To Stand Out from the Competition with Visual Graphics in 2019

Have you thought about how you can create visual content to make you stand out in 2019? What do you do to make your visual elements stand out?

Several new things are happening in the data visualization graphic design world that may surprise you. Some of them have to do with more vibrant colors and fonts. Others have to do with the style such as minimalism and color combinations. Creating your infographic with the best visual graphics involves including many different features that will help you to create the best infographic.

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The following trends will continue to emerge in 2019 and make help to define the future of visual graphic use in infographics. Infographics are the best way to capture the actual quality of visual graphics if you want to include them in your marketing plan.


7 Components of Visual Graphics to Look for in 2019

If you are in the instructional media space, online business space, or any other organization that uses visual imagery, you may want to use infographics to capture the attention of your target audience by utilizing some of the following aspects of design.

1. Louder and Brighter Colors– One of the trends that you may see this year is the appearance of stronger and brighter colors. The color of your graphics is powerful, and it helps to define and accentuate your graphics. Pale colors are a thing of the past, and you will likely see an increase in more vibrant colors like reds and purples shortly.

2. Google Fonts– Google fonts are a unique type of group of fonts that you can use for your infographics as well as other types of graphics for your website or social media posts. These fonts are more versatile than most other types of font, and they allow you to change and adapt to different situations as the need arises. They are also more pronounced and impactful and may be more suited to use in infographics for a bolder effect.

3. Bolder Typography– Big and daring fonts will be used more in 2017 to capture the attention of the reader more directly. In the past, more subtle fonts were used, but now it is necessary to use these fonts to increase the level of engagement. People see hundreds of posts, graphics, and photos per day. Using bold typography and fonts can help your message to stand out from the crowd. This type of typography also helps to organize the information on the page better so that people grasp the hierarchy of the page and know what you think is more important.

4. Hand-drawn graphics– Hand-drawn graphics have made a return lately in both logos and infographics. They appear to be cartoonish and primitive in some cases, but they are still making an impact with readers and subscribers at an astonishing rate. This may be because they appeal to the target audience because they relate to the simplicity of the drawings. They are most used to help explain how something works or to offer an illustration to complement directions or information.

Remember that you can use icons that are hand-drawn as well as graphics that are created of a larger size for more emphasis in certain areas of your infographics.

5. Professional photosReal, authentic photographs that are taken in good quality will attract appeal from a wide variety of people. Make sure that the photos you use are done in the highest resolution possible and that they capture the essence of what you are trying to say in your infographic. Start by sketching out an idea of the types of photos you wish to include to emphasize your main points in your infographics and visual graphics project then take the photos and edit them before including them in your infographic.

The key to choosing the best photos is to think about the effect that certain photos will have, not just the practicality of the pictures. You should choose photos that will create an emotive response, and that will psychologically complement your message.

6. Minimalism with color– Minimalism is popular in 2017 because it focuses on the beauty and simplicity of graphics and text to communicate value and information. Infographics can employ the use of minimalism to deliver specific points or to capture the attention of your target audience in a way that does not distract them. One of the problems with minimalism in the past has been that it seemed to be a bit lackluster and lacked the colorful quality of previous types of design.

But this year, the trend to add color to the minimalist design has emerged, and this will continue to be promoted in 2017. The use of minimalist design in your infographics with bright colors is a very good idea because it employs the use of colors that attract your target audience’s attention while also avoiding misuse of space within your infographic.

7. Vibrant Duotones– What are duotones? Have you ever heard this term before? This term came from the photography editing world and is a feature that can be accessed by such editing programs as Adobe Photoshop and others.

The use of duotones involves the use of a combination of two different colors such as purple and red that complement each other in some way.

This effect can help your infographic to stand out in the graphic design competitions and draw the eye to your content in ways that ordinary coloring cannot do.

However, you need to use a bit of conservative wisdom when it comes to choosing colors to use with a duotone graphic. If you overdo it or use colors that make your infographic difficult to read, you will defeat the purpose.

Always remember that, no matter how trendy something appears to be or how popular it is in certain circles, you need to always temper your choices with some common sense regarding your design so that you will make the best decision for your infographic and your brand.

Every part of your infographic should create value for your brand and your message using photographs, fonts, colors, and any other aspects of design that you need to use to capture it.


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