How To Make A Good PowerPoint Presentation Design – Creative Tips 101

How to make a good PowerPoint presentation design? This one question haunts every single person in this era.

We can’t deny the fact that PowerPoint presentation is the key to successful dissemination of communication. It’s the best way to convey your message across to your audience. But, to be honest, everybody utilizes this method. Hence, there’s the demand for creating effective PowerPoint presentations and be unique so that you can hook your target audience forever.

How To Make A Good PowerPoint Presentation Design – Creative Tips 101

We have jotted down a few interesting points which will enable you to produce a good PowerPoint slide.

Let’s take a look below for what you should do and what you shouldn’t

1. Choosing Right Fonts Works Wonder

Though sounds cliché, it’s imperative to choose eye-appealing fonts to penetrate deeper on your audience’s mind.

Fonts play a significant role in PowerPoint presentations. The selection of fonts determines the quality of the presentation and how it caters the desired message to the target audience.

Learn to play with fonts and leverage its power. Separate each visual element with specific fonts. It’s a good idea to separate one type of content from another with distinct font variations You will be amazed to witness the wonderful effect the segregation does.

However, while playing with textual features don’t overlook the other essentials- like tones, readability and consistency.

Many PowerPoint presenters face a peculiar problem where fonts seem to change while moving the presentation from one computer to another. But it’s a misconception. In reality, the fonts don’t change – they seem to appear different because the user machine doesn’t have the same font files installed. The best way to solve this issue is to embed the type fonts. Rest assured your format will not change again while moving from one computer to the other.


2. Induce Interactive Elements in Your Presentations

What is your audience doing while you are burning yourself on the stage?

Do you want them to fall asleep or scroll through their mobile either! Holding the modern audience’s attention is tricky. Think about something that will let you cherish the feat.

One of the best PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks – induce interactive elements to let your audience and connect to your presentation.

How to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive?

If you want your audience to stay focused, the prefect technique is to let them participate in the presentation.

Here are a few techniques you can use to turn your presentation into a two-way interaction:

  • Make your audience feel that they’re a part of your story.
  • Create a humorous narrative to give your audience a chance to chuckle


3. Believe in the Power of Minimalist Design – Less is more

Everybody everywhere is talking about minimalism. What is it? Why everybody prefers this type of designs

Needless to say, PowerPoint presentations with graphics are more captivating, yet as we know less is more – when you embrace minimalism design, it becomes a treat to the eye. Modern audience doesn’t like to be overburdened with distracting images, icons, or too much content.

A minimalist design is sleek, organized and highlights the most important elements of your creation. In short, minimalism means beauty reflecting through simplicity. When you want to present something timeless, minimalism will have a miraculous effect.

4. Decide a Consistent Visual Motif throughout the Presentation

Incorporating visual motif in the presentation gives an appealing look to your PowerPoint slides. Visual motif is nothing, but they are certain repeated patterns, designs and images that you can use those in your presentation design in any form you like.

You can use different kinds of motifs available in recurring shapes. For e.g.shapes like lines, circles or arrows can bring your presentation to life. Notwithstanding, you can also use different symbols or items such as leaf or mountains depending on the kind of presentation you have made.

According to experts, one of the simplest approaches – use a consistent color motif. Which means you need to use one or two colors for all your headers, background as well as borders.


5. Use Infographics to Make Presentation More Interesting

It’s no secret infographics have magnetic qualities. As you know that modern audience has an extremely low attention span, using data and quantitative facts in a visually appealing way in your slides would do the wonders.

Infographics have the power to combine the best of both worlds (data, facts combined with visuals) and make it apprehensible to practically anyone. Creating an impressive presentation is an art. So besides we offer you tips on what to do, we also tell you what not to do.

Here’s a checklist:

  • Don’t Add Too Much Text

While creating presentations, one of the major advice is – don’t add too much text. White space is your friend. When you use too many texts, it’s obvious that you deviate from the maintain point and confuse your audience. It’s always recommended that you use bullet-points per slide to keep your audience understand the message in brief.

  • Too Much Repetition is a Crime

It’s important to repeat the main thread of your presentation. But too much of repetition makes it boring. The audience becomes frustrated and finally, you lose out of the game. Always retell points that your audience needs to relate to.

  • Avoid Using Distracting Messages

Too many graphics would distract your audience, and drive them away. You don’t want this to happen right! So indulge in creating aesthetically pleasing slides and keep your audience visually engaged. Incorporate only those animations that value to your presentation and give it a new dimension.

  • Disorganized! It Can Take A Toll

You can unleash your creativity only if you are organized. If you don’t properly set up your slides it’s inevitable you would lose track. You might have burnt your midnight oil to display your artistry but being disorganized will kill the charm. So, keep everything at your hand’s bay.

Keep the following points in mind before you prepare your slides-

  • What is your goal?
  • What does your audience need to know?
  • What you expect after the presentation?

These questions will allow you to create a clear, powerful presentation.


  • Not Giving Enough Importance To The Call To Action Slide

Call to Action slide is a crucial part of your presentation. If you don’t create this particular slide with enough emphasis what’s the point of your presentation? Experts always say that the quality of an excellent presenter is to have a powerful opening and closing. So, remember the last minute of your presentation is most effective. Assert and reaffirm your message creatively.

Create Appealing Presentation Slides

It’s essential to produce a user focused and creative presentation with a clear and strategic message. So, from the above tips plan your next slides. You can try out other creative options too that meet your requirements. But the main point is don’t repel our audience.

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