How to Create Infographics that Generate Leads and Sales

Infographics can be an effective way to increase interaction with your website and other visitors. They are creative poster-like artistic creatives that stand alone as one of the best techniques for increasing your following. Unlike text only sites, infographics add a new and exciting dimension to your website that allows visitors to take in your content in a more dynamic way.

Generate Leads from Your Business

How to Attract More Views

But how do you create infographics that you know will achieve this increased interest in your website and bring new visitors to your site? Better yet, how do you create content for your infographic that will generate more leads and sales. After all, that is the goal, isn’t it? has an idea that it’s not as much what your infographic has in it that matters as much as where you put it. They suggest that social media is the best place to house your infographic and that simply putting it on your Facebook and Twitter will increase your leads and sales just because of where it resides.

They do have a point when it comes to the effects of social media and your infographics. Anything that you put on social media will draw more views than placing it on your website just because you have more exponential views that are possible.

The Power of Social Media

For example, if you have five visitors come to your website, they may send a link to their friends to share what they found on your website, but social media can increase this a hundredfold based just on the sheer numbers. So what we are talking about is the shareability. Those same five people who come to your Facebook or Twitter site and see the same infographic are going to be more likely to share simply because that’s what social media is about and they will also share because it is easier to share on social media.

Statistics indicate that you are 200% more likely to get shares when you host your infographic on your social media sites. This is not to say that you shouldn’t put it on your websites and blogs as well. But the point is well taken that placing your infographic on your social media is a major step in creating the hype you need to build up interest in your infographic and brand.


That being said, don’t ignore the fact that your infographic should still be good. Putting up just any infographic will not get you more likes and shares simply because it is on your social media accounts.

Here are some of the factors that should be present in a well-designed infographic:

  • Relevant data– One of the things you need to make sure you include in your infographic is relevant data. While numbers should not overwhelm the viewer, it is important to insert interpretive data in the right places so that you will help to address issues that your viewers may be searching for. Data adds to the credibility of the infographic.
  • Colorful imagery– Your infographic should also be pleasing to the eye through the proper use of colors. You should also spend some times choosing the right colors for your message too as different colors carry different meaning.
  • High interest topics– Choose your topic for your infographic carefully. Use data from your customer service emails and surveys to decide what kind of topics to focus on. Part of creating value is the proper choice of topics that will appeal to your intended audience.
  • Easy readability– Some people get so caught up in the creation of their infographic that they try to include everything. That is a big mistake and should be avoided. Try not to clutter up your image but keep it simple, including the relevant information that your readers want to see. Remember, the purpose of an infographic is to avoid writing text. So don’t make it longer than text or you would be defeating the purpose.

Don’t make the colors too “busy,” and focus instead on the message. As a general rule, the less color, the better. Creating a basic three-color scheme that focuses on the important points will be more productive than one that includes too much color or too many items. Draw your reader’s focus where you want it to be by including some space.

Create a shareable story. Remember that the purpose of an infographic is to “inform by pictures.” In fact, that is the most simplistic (but the most basic definition of an infographic). So create a story that people will want to share without over populating it with too much clutter. Create a compelling story that will draw people into your message.

Another tip is to make a list of your main points that you want to make within your infographic. Don’t make it too elaborate but try to pinpoint the main purpose of it before you post it and share it with your audience.

Consider video infographics too.

Have you ever considered creating a video infographic from a previously done infographic? This is a great way to increase engagement while repurposing an older infographic that you used in the past.

Also, you can go ahead and create a video or social media infographic at the same time that you are creating your static infographic and have a whole set of creatives that you can use to promote your brand or idea.

Creating multiple creatives on the same general theme will help you to maximize your potential within your target audience sphere and pull in people that might otherwise miss your message. It will also get to the people who may be coming in on different types of different devices or a variety of other platforms.

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Be Mobile-Friendly!

Don’t forget mobile friendliness when it comes to your infographics. This latest Google algorithm update that Google released on January 10, 2017, should serve as a reminder of how important it is to remember your mobile viewers.

Consult with Experts

When it comes to your brand, you should always have the highest standards of how you represent yourself to the world and your potential clients. It helps to ask the experts to help you design your infographic. This takes the guesswork out of how it should be done to ensure that it comes out right.

Infographic Design Team is dedicated to helping people create great infographics that make an impact on your target audience. We can work with you and learn about your business then recommend some great ideas for your infographic. Also, we can also create an infographic for your social media and other platforms as well. We even do video infographics.

Adding color where it will have the best impact, data that resonates with your customers, and appealing to your mobile audience are three things you can do to increase your leads and sales potential. Putting it on social media is also an important step, and this can help you increase your impact with your online audience.

But it’s not enough to put it on the right platforms. You need to start with a strong message that will grab the attention of your target audience and increase your viewer retention.

We can help. Come see us today at because a picture is really worth a thousand words.