Even Infographics Have Size Standards

Do you want an idea of the standard infographic size before you deem it fit for submission to popular platforms?

Infographics are everywhere. We are now quite common to these attractive graphical images conveying a hearty amount of information. Infographics are an excellent way to engage people, educate them and build SEO. With the gradual popularity of the social media, Infographics are in their heyday. Social media undoubtedly give a boost to Infographics as they pave the way to share them. The more they are shared, the more people get to know about them. It is quite easy and beneficial to share your Infographic on social media or dominant platforms to get into people’s notice in no time. But before sharing, you must know the infographic size dimensions that are allowed while submission.

Now the question is, what the optimal infographic size must be, based on the platform it is being submitted or posted?

Different media allows different pixel sizes that are crucial to know before you start creating your Infographic. While designing you must take into account which platforms would be the major target of your Infographic submission.

Here’s a brief idea of the standard infographic size

  • In general, an ideal infographic width must not be more than 600 pixels, and the length should not exceed 1,800 pixels. Following this “standard” will ensure your Infographic will fit to most Infographic submission websites and blogs.
  • However, some very popular platforms where you can post your Infographic may allow you post longer and/or broader Infographics. For example, one of the most popular Infographic submission site visual.ly allows Infographic dimensions of 1240 x 1750 pixels. Then comes Pinterest, your online pinboard, where you can pin your Infographic with a size of 600 x infinite pixels. Truly long!!
  • We can’t forget our beloved Facebook. This social media is a boon to all online marketers. Posting an Infographic on Facebook boosts your SEO as it is an excellent platform to hike your fan base. Here you can post an Infographic of a minimum size of 403 x 403 pixels, and a maximum up to 2048 x 2048 pixels. Your Infographic is sure to get noticed by many.
  • Google+, the new social networking site, offers your Infographic a size of 497 x 373 pixels, with 2048x 2048 pixels in lightbox.


Standard infographic size for tablets and smartphones

Now, let’s talk about the Infographic sizes for tablets and smartphones. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, people spend more time with these gadgets than on desktops, surfing the net, chatting with friends, sharing pics and much more.

So let’s see what should be the optimal sizes of Infographics for these gadgets.

  • The latest generations of tablets like the Apple iPad (3rd Gen), the Google Nexus 10, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, all support standard infographic dimensions within 600-640 pixels. That means the Infographic which you design for Infographics submission platforms, can well fit into the tablet screens.
  • Now for the smartphones. Normally newest versions of smartphones have a 4+ inch display (in height). That implies your Infographic size must not exceed 288-pixel width. Also to improve readability, it is advisable to make the font sizes slightly larger than in Infographics for desktops and tablets.

To conclude

So while designing an Infographic, all these sizes and shapes have to be kept in mind to give your readers a better experience. Design them in such a way that they are flexible enough to be viewed almost on all platforms and gadgets. Or at least your Infographic should be easily accessible at your target platforms or gadgets.

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