7 Ways to Grow Your Brand with LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare is a great tool to use to promote your brand. It is really an advanced version of PowerPoint but with some extra perks. With PowerPoint, you would have to upload a file for people to download. They may or may not do this if you place the file online. But, if you use LinkedIn Slideshare, you can place a slideshow online that is enclosed in a professional-looking viewer that is easily accessible online.


How can you use LinkedIn SlideShare with your brand?

Figuring out how to use various tools to promote your brand and your company is one of the biggest challenges you come across in your business. Have you used LinkedIn? Perhaps you use LinkedIn but have not yet taken advantage of the Slideshare tool.

There are several ways you can use LinkedIn SlideShare for your online brand to promote your ideas, products, and services. We have listed some of them below that you may want to try to implement within your own brand and brainstorm ways to use the ideas within your brand. Look through the examples below and see which ones inspire you most.

Create well-designed slides that engage your audience

Just like with a Powerpoint presentation, well-designed slides will help draw people in and engage them on a higher level. Use dynamic colors and graphics that improve the level of interest and engage your viewers. Do some research on colors and artistic aspects that you can use to increase your appeal and this will help you leverage your power with your presentations.

You can see an example of this type of presentation slide below, which was created by our presentation development team. You can see our full presentation portfolio here.

Invite leads to see your presentations via email

LinkedIn Slideshare allows you to share your presentations easily via email. You can send your presentations to your list of subscribers and ask them to join you for a look at your online SlideShare presentation. Include anything you want to within your presentation to promote your products or services.

When you create your slides, you may want to zoom in on closeup shots of your products to make it like an “explainer video.” This will engage people by showing them the details of your products. You can also add text and titles to title and label the items so that people will have a greater understanding of how they work.

Use metatags and key words

The careful use of keywords and descriptions can help to increase your search results online to draw in more people while increasing your impact. To stay friendly with Google, you need to make sure your search terms are relevant to your topic. You also need to include great content that is engaging to your target audience.

Include How-to Guides

People love how-to guides that teach them how to do something that they wish to learn. If you look on Amazon Kindle’s market, you will find this to be the case with eBooks. The same is also true of online presentations as well as YouTube videos. People love multimedia and they enjoy learning about skills that they need to help them succeed in business or that improves their lives in some way.

SlideShare has a wide range of topics and categories to choose from on their site. This means you can create a massive amount of “how to” guides and tutorials for such audiences, while also being able to scale across different niche markets.


Create a Quiz

One cool way that you can engage your audience with your LinkedIn SlideShares is to create an online quiz. One way you can do this is to make one slide the question slide and the next a slide that provides the answer. This gamifies the process of your message in a way that appeals to people and it may increase your shares from people who view your presentations online. Ask your customers questions about your company and include some humor or other aspects to draw customers to your brand and your website.

Get Featured on the LinkedIn page

Once you create a great presentation, ask the LinkedIn administration staff to feature your presentation on the main site. You can also show it on your main website or LinkedIn page to promote your brand further on your own websites or LinkedIn site. You may also want to consider setting up a blog on your LinkedIn site that will attract your customers.

Notice the massive views on each of the “Top SlideShares” for the day below.


Use infographics

Infographics are a great way to engage your audience by giving them a great deal of information with compelling graphics. Do your research on infographics and look at examples that you may want to use as models for your work.

Have you utilized the power of LinkedIn SlideShare by creating a dynamic powerpoint type presentation yet? If not, you may be leaving money on the table. You should consider including an infographic that captures the attention of your target audience and will serve as an entry point to gaining views and customers.

How InfographicDesignTeam.com Can Help

At InfographicDesignTeam.com, we love creating beautiful infographics for your LinkedIn SlideShare presentations that will draw attention to your brand.

Our Services

We specialize in infographic design. But we also help develop other creative projects that will help you promote your brand. Below are some of the best services that we can offer you to help you to accomplish your goals.

  1. 1. Infographics – As we mentioned, we specialize in creating unique infographics that will help you promote your brand and company in your LinkedIn SlideShare presentations and other means.
  2. 2. Presentations – We can help you create a presentation that will work within your LinkedIn SlideShare platform that will allow you to get your message out there to your desired audience.
  3. 3. Social Media Graphics – Ask us about social media graphics that we can help you create for your social media accounts. Remember that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have unique specifications for publication of your infographics and other assets. Let us help you create a unique infographic that will work with your SlideShare presentations and increase your views and revenue.
  4. 4. Videographics – Videographics allow you to increase your attention level of viewers with compelling video and audio within your Slideshares.

How can we help?

We hope these tips will help you to do some planning and brainstorming when it comes to creating your presentations for SlideShare. When you get your ideas together on what you would like to include within your presentations, contact us.

We will be happy to help you create your infographics and presentations to include anything you want to use to increase your brand presence. Just contact us for more information to get started in creating an original infographic to include within your LinkedIn SlideShare presentation.

So get out your legal pad and write down what you want to include and let us know when you’d like to get started. We will help you design a winning infographic that will promote your brand like never before.

We look forward to helping you with your infographics for your presentations and we look forward to creating your infographic.