7 Ways an Infographic Can Help Build Your Brand Loyalty

You probably understand the immense power of infographics. They tell a story in a way that words alone cannot do. They add depth and meaning to the text in a similar way that illustrations add life to a storybook.

But how can you use infographics to truly help build your brand? In this post, we will explore some ways that you can use them to do that including telling a story, creating more dynamic graphics, develop compelling timelines, and much more.

Like anything you do for your brand, you should create the highest quality infographic that you can do, even if that means hiring an expert design team to do it.


Tell a better story about your company.

You can write a blog post about your company. You can toot your own horn on your website and including some killer testimonials to add credibility to your brand. But infographics send a special message to your potential clients, and they add something to your narrative.

By utilizing dynamic images and graphics, you will draw more attention to your brand that will get you noticed. When you add colorful graphics and pictures to your story, you will achieve much greater things. The illustrations and pictures serve to make your story or narrative come alive. With professional graphics, you will attract more customers to your message or your storyline than you will with text alone.

People still read books and articles. But when they are online on mobile devices or other kinds of technology, they may be in a hurry. Individuals who want information but want it in a hurry are after a condensed version of the same story. So, if you can provide information that will appeal to them, you will be able to win over more people than if you used articles alone.

Also, you may want to consider using infographics in conjunction with your articles or blog content. Putting a nice infographic along the side with your well-written article may just be the extra punch you need to resonate with your customers who are hungry for information.

Creating Timelines

Another great way that an infographic can help your brand is by creating a timeline showing off your business. Do you have an interesting story to tell that includes a timeline? Every business has a story on their growth, how they started, and where they are today. Creating a timeline for your company that illustrates how you’ve grown and evolved over the years make help kickstart your business in ways that text alone won’t do.

When you do create a timeline, make sure and include the dates (as exact as possible.) This interests people who are interested in how your brand started and it may result in stronger customer loyalty to your brand.

Timeline Infographics

Increase your brand presence.

One obvious way that your infographic helps to build your brand is to increase your brand presence. Just by letting people know that your company exists and is “open for business” is a benefit when you are trying to connect your brand with your products and services to your target audience.

Show research in a dynamic way.

Are you in an industry that is research-based? Some niche areas such as Law, Medicine, or Education require lots of research or facts and figures to communicate an idea clearly to your intended audience. Whether it is a teacher in a classroom presenting information to their students or a company showing the percentage of people who use their products, creating graphics and data through the visual medium of a colorful infographic can help promote your brand in a better way.

Check out this article by Next Web and view the examples of data-based graphics in bold colors. This is a very good way to get across otherwise boring information that might make the reader bounce off the page otherwise.

Capture it in different forms

Another big advantage to the infographic medium is the fact that you can capture the final work in some different ways. For example, you can create an infographic for distribution within a PDF form. This file format is a photo-oriented file that captures printable information and is based on the Adobe Reader platform. PDFs have become very user-friendly and familiar to customers in today’s world. So creating at least one version of your infographic and sending or posting it as a PDF will help build your brand awareness.


Increase your graphic marketing potential.

If you are looking for a great way to increase your graphic marketing potential, don’t forget about infographics. Infographics get your message out there is a colorful, informative way that normal text or email newsletters cannot do. Why not include your infographic within your normal email newsletters as a special freebie that you offer customers and subscribers. They will appreciate the extra information and they will be glad to share it with others as well.


One important way that infographics help build your brand is that fact that they are very shareable. No matter where you post your infographic, it is a cool visual medium that is bound to get more shares. It is also virtually impossible to share an article unless you copy and paste the URL of the article within your social media or an email to a friend. You can have the sharing capability built into your website, but it’s not always available for articles within your web hosting server.

By creating an infographic, you are creating a shareable image. This article (and infographic) by Piktochart illustrates how to successfully share your infographic with your target audience and allow your followers on various social media to do it too.

By creating something uniquely shareable, you are going to be more likely to harness the capabilities of your target audience and share it across platforms. This will increase your brand awareness through several different portals and help you promote your brand.


Infographics Complement the Article

One thing that you should keep in mind is that infographics are not meant to replace text and blog articles. Experts agree that you should continue creating custom written content for your sites and blog. People still read.

But a nicely designed infographic can serve as an added enhancement that will complement the articles you write in a visual way and serve to get the same or similar information out to those who may not bother to read the written article.

Through careful selection of graphics, text, data, and graphs, you can create hype for your brand that you have not been able to do with text alone.

So if your branding needs some help, start with a great infographic. There are many online tools to help you do that. If you prefer to jump right in and let us create a star-quality infographic for your brand, we can help!

You can view our portfolio here. You will see that we can create all types of infographics including the following:

  • Static infographics
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So think about how you’d like to proceed with your infographic and let us know how we can help. We look forward to working with you.

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