7 Reasons Why Pinterest is the Best Site for Brands Using Infographics

Do you use Pinterest for your brand promotions? Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, you may want to consider getting one. Pinterest is a successful social media platform that features thousands of “pins” that people and businesses can post to increase awareness of their brand and display products.

In the past, Pinterest was considered a personal platform for displaying wedding ideas, personal photo collections, wildlife, and other objects of individual interests. It has always been a highly shareable platform. But, like a lot of things in the online world, it has evolved into a great tool for business that has the potential to share your message with thousands of people that would have otherwise never known about your company or brand.

The format of Pinterest is ideal for pictures because of its compact size and ability to represent quality images at a smaller size. It is also a good form for the use of infographics.

Infographics are like miniature posters of information that hold valuable data and facts that are meant to inform people about your brand or a particular topic. They can be used in a wide variety of contexts and situations including:

  • Comparisons between products
  • Sales trends
  • Statistics
  • Timelines
  • Educational contexts

These are some of the main ways infographics are used. But they are not the only applications of infographics. Infographics may be utilized for a broad range of situations to promote your brand or raise your level of engagement. You just need to consider the purpose of the infographic that you are creating when you are creating one for your brand.


Why Pinterest Works with Infographics

Pinterest is ideal for using infographics and is a good choice in social media for people using infographics in their advertising strategies. It seems to fit the inherent qualities of an infographic and lets you create the perfect miniature version of your graphics for your brand and site.

7 Reasons Pinterest and infographics go together so well

Here are seven reasons why you’ll see that Pinterest and infographics go so well together in the social media environment.

Perfect Size for Displaying

First of all, Pinterest allows you to display images at an optimal viewing size that is easy to take in. The profile images are 165 x 165 and the pins in the feed are 238 pixels (adjusted for height), and the expanded pin size is 735 pixels.

This page shows the perfect pin size for Pinterest images, which is 735 by 1102 pixels wide. You can also view this resource for social media sizes, and this one for the best time to post on Pinterest.

Connection to the Pinterest Audience

Another reason infographics work so well on the Pinterest platform is that you can display your products and ideas to already established an audience on Pinterest. As of October 2016, Pinterest had reached an audience of 150 million users. (Forbes) All of these people are on Pinterest looking for interesting pins that they can collect and share!


Be funny or witty

Pinterest has a more light-hearted flair to it than some of the other social media platforms. So this makes it more open to engaging, witty, or funny content. It is a safe, casual environment that allows you to share your interesting insights to the world.

It is your chance to bring your brand to the masses of people who enjoy escaping from the more formal tone of their jobs and the hustle-bustle world to a more relaxed environment. This may have an appeal to many of your followers that you cannot achieve in a more formal setting.

So take advantage of the potential on Pinterest and upload your fun photos of your business or products.

Present original ideas

Pinterest has a reputation for being the “creative social media outlet.” It features unique and fun ideas that people share with their friends and the world. So why not tap into the possibilities by putting your new, creative ideas out to a willing audience. By tapping into the format that encourages creative ideas and exchange of innovative concepts, you can get in on an exciting opportunity to take your brand further online.

Use of Creative Fonts

Fonts are important to the perception of a brand. They communicate some of the values and ideals of your company in a subliminal way. They can be bold or subtle, small or discreet, but they help to define the impression the brand has in various contexts, including your website, social media, and other locations.

Use longer form infographics

The Pinterest format allows for the longer form infographics that include a lot of data to shine through. In fact, this infographic illustrates the fact that infographics with a length that is 5-9 times the width performs better than ones with less length.

Engage with your audience better

This infographic emphasizes the fact that the more casual, cute, and funny infographics performed better (as measured by audience reaction) than a challenging, practical, aspiring, surprising, or unusual type of infographic.

This data shows that people respond better to something funny that engages them on a personal level and that they find cute or humorous more than anything more practical or inspirational.

This is not to say that people won’t respond to the other categories such as practical or inspiring. But Pinterest posts do better when they are funny or witty. So it’s good to be aware of what the Pinterest audience prefers when it comes to the types of infographics you prepare for this particular medium.

Making the Most of Your Pinterest Pins

Well, there you have it. These reasons should remind you of why it is such a good idea to utilize the technology within the Pinterest platform for your custom-designed infographics.

The size of the display of the typical pin, along with the capabilities of the platform itself to tap into the kinds of things that appeal to Pinterest users, make Pinterest the best platform and resource for brands that use infographics.

The wise business owner understands the need to use multiple resources, social media platforms, and strategies to create an integrated approach to their online ad campaigns. It is not one thing that you do but the culmination of some strategies that creates the result you want.


Start with a sensational infographic

To promote your fabulous infographic on Pinterest (or any other platform or social media outlet), you first need to have a good infographic. You can create one yourself, hire a freelancer to do it, or find a professional infographic design team to do it.

Sometimes the answer is so simple; it’s easy to look over it. At infographicdesignteam.com, we can create the ideal infographic that will complement your brand, then optimize it for use on Pinterest.

We can also optimize it for use on any of the other social media platforms that you want to display it on such as Facebook, Twitter, or others.

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We will create an infographic for you then customize it for Pinterest in a way that will work for you.

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