7 Infographic Reports on How They Improve Your ROI

Infographics are growing in popularity. They are being used more and more as one of the best types of advertising that you can do to further your brand online.

But why are they so effective?

How could just a bunch of pictures and statistics do so much to convert visitors to customers? Does having an infographic increase your ROI (return on investment?)

We’ve compiled seven interesting reports about infographics that illustrate the power of infographics so that you can see if you think they will help your business improve your bottom line. It’s interesting to see the diverse sources and types of businesses that have gotten involved with infographics, since they saw the trends toward customers searching for them the past few years. That trend is expected to continue in our hurried world where a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Great Reports and Data on Why Infographics Work So Well


Lifelearn.com published “Why Infographics Work” last year (in 2015) to illustrate some of the statistics that have come forward lately as a result of the increased use of infographics in business.

They cite several statistics within the article, but one of the most interesting statistics is the one that deals with searches for infographics.

Lifelearn reported in their study that there was an 800% increase in infographic searches between 2012 and 2015! That’s a lot of people and potential customers craving information.

They go on to explain why infographics work by illustrating the way infographics appeal to the visual senses and cut out the noise of so many other ad strategies that people are bombarded with these days. It is also a type of medium that can stand alone and say a lot in just a few pictures and facts and is probably more memorable than other forms of advertising that feature text primarily.

Color Attracts Attention

Xerox published a PDF document that focused on the issue of color and its power to captivate an audience. They reported in the study that Xerox captures the attention of the viewer by 82% more than ads that lack color.

Xerox is a company that focuses on the printing business, so it’s understandable why they were interested in this statistic. But they also uncovered several other interesting statistics including the fact that people may remember up to 39% more from a color ad than from a non-color ad or any other medium.

Applying this to infographics, we can see why they are so effective. Infographics feature dynamic color that attracts and captivates an audience and draws them into the message in ways that traditional text cannot do. Coupled with important data, facts, and figures, it becomes an all-in-one resource for viewers to go to when they need to find out something as quickly as possible.


Social Media Marketing Report

The Social Media Examiner reported in 2015 that 34% of marketers selected visual assets as their most important content, behind blogging (45%) and before videos (19%). This research includes infographics since it is a visual medium and is gaining in popularity across a multitude of platforms.

Infographics are also mobile-friendly when done correctly and allow mobile users to view relevant data on their mobile devices without having to read an entire article. This is a superb way to get important information that only takes a few minutes to grasp, so it saves time.


The Kissmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics, a company known for their ability to chart the progress and statistical trends of individual websites and businesses, recently reported that “90% of information is transmitted to the brain via visual content.”

In the third section of the article, they mention the importance of infographics. They mention as one of their key points the fact that it is critical to creating graphics and design in an infographic that truly makes an impact. A bad infographic is worse than not having one at all.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with professionals like infographicdesignteam.com when you start to work on your infographic.


Content Marketing Institute

In this report by the Content Marketing Institute, they reported that 73% of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016, and 55% plan to prioritize creating visual content.

This shows the realization on the part of content marketers and business owners to focus more on the visual elements of their content marketing plan, and infographics are certainly a part of that plan.

Using compelling visual images and assets along with critical information that customers need, you can improve your return on investment significantly by capitalizing on this important medium.


The Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group has an interesting study on the power or visual images in web content. Photos are seen as some of the most important assets of web content that gets and keeps the attention of viewers. The study is shown with eye-tracking results which illustrate the pattern of viewing that visitors exhibited while on various sites that featured images.

Product images got more attention that text that explained what the product did, with video, photos, and infographics getting the most eyeballs.


Mass Planner Report

The Mass Planner company reported that Many marketers favor this type of visual content which is shared and liked 3x more than any other visual materials available.

They have a podcast on their site also that reads the text, to further illustrate their point, and they list infographics as the #1 type of visual content that gets shared more often than any other type of media.

They also emphasize how an infographic simplifies the idea of your topic so that you may reach more people than you would with text alone and you may increase your share ratio and increase your ROI on your website.

Oh, and they have an interesting infographic about infographics too!

Yes… You Need to Use Infographics in Your Marketing

These seven studies on infographics by industry leaders and websites illustrate the impact and importance of infographics as an important medium to use to maximize your ROI. By increasing traffic and views, share ratios, and audience engagement, you will increase your chances of success by using this valuable medium.

E-commerce depends on engaging an audience. So if you are in an E-commerce industry where you wish to sell things on your site or get people to sign up for your services, you need to employ the use of photos, video, and infographics to maximize your ROI.


Infographics should not be the only medium you use for your advertising efforts. But when used in correlation with other aspects of your content marketing, you will create a winning combination for your brand that will be shared and enjoyed many times.

When you bring together the elements of dynamic content and important information, you will create the perfect environment to increase your level of engagement and sales.

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