5 of Neil Patel’s Best Infographics and Why They are Great

As business owners, it’s fun to learn things on our own. We try this and that to see what works and what solutions are best for your business. Through experimentation and trial-and-error, you can learn a lot about the tools that you need to use to increase your business potential.

But sometimes it’s a good idea to see what others are doing who specialize in various things that you want to do so that you can consider how they might serve as a guide for what you do. It can save a lot of time and money. It can also tell us what works and what doesn’t from those who have gone before and made mistakes that they have learned from.

Whatever it is that you want to do, you should look for models in the industry who have shown their expertise in a particular area. This includes the use of tools for your business such as infographics.

Neil Patel Best Infographics

When it comes to infographics, Neil Patel is one of the best. He has made a career in digital arts and online advertising as well as blogging and infographics. So he is a reputable source to turn to when looking for inspiration about how to create great infographics.


Content Layering

This neil patel infographic on content layering using a beautiful analogy of a layered cake that is composed of many different colors, illustrating the need to have various layers of content to capture your target audience. He emphasizes the sales process and uses the cake as the ultimate “sales funnel” and takes you through 9 steps.

There are explanations with each layer, and it is easy to understand and neatly arranged. We like the way that he has managed to get a great deal of content into this beautiful infographic. The eye focuses on the cake that is the center of the infographic, but there is a complete description of each stage of the sales funnel, which adds to its value.


Visually Appealing Content

This infographic by Neil Patel features a lot of information in a long infographic that deals with the topic of visuals in the world of content marketing. He includes facts and figures from a wide number of sources and states that images are the number one component in a successful social media campaign.

He also gives tips with various examples of how a good infographic should look using various social media outlets.


How Load Time Affects Google Rankings

Another infographic by Neil Patel on Google Rankings illustrates how the load time of your website affects your rankings in the most popular search engine in the world. It is a simple and short infographic but demands the reader’s attention to the key areas where he has presented data about load times as well as how it affects user searches.


Facts about Neil Patel

In this infographic biography by Neil Patel, Neil outlines some facts about himself that you may not know. He includes information about what he does as a professional internet marketer and blogger, as well as awards he has received and other facts.

He illustrates it nicely with a caricature of himself then lists the facts and dates about himself in a diagram format around his image. The information is organized in an easy-to-read fashion, and his use of a darker background with fine point writing for the facts makes it stand out better.


How to Get Customers without Spending Any Money

Of the many different infographics and case studies of neil patel marketing comes out with, one of his most exciting ones has to be this infographic on how to increase customer spending and acquisition without actually spending additional money of your own.

One of the first steps in the process is to leverage the communities and existing traffic around you. This is often done through the use of social media and any existing traffic sources you might already have (ie: website, mailing list or blog). It’s also important to incentivize users to share your content (through word of mouth), this is Neil’s second tip on the list. The third component is to add affiliate marketing into this mix. Through the use of affiliate marketing, you can pay out other site partners and advertisers to send leads and new customers to your site… but will only need to pay on each valid transaction.

Other recommended tips from Neil include blogger and youtube outreach, guest blogging, and reaching out to your existing network of friends, contacts and business partners. When scrolling through the infographic above, you will notice that each of the key components for finding success with acquiring new customers is easy to read, understand, and take action on based on how all of the information was laid out in the infographic. Be sure to follow this example when creating an infographic for your site or business.


Do your own!

These are five examples of the best infographics that Neil Patel has created over the years. You can see a collage of some of his work here.

Neil Patel is not the only one creating infographics. But the fact that he has been so successful with his content marketing in marketing himself as well as countless others through the art of infographics should give us a reason to study his work.


That being said, you should be inspired by Neil’s work but remember that the best infographic is custom-designed for you with the unique concepts of your brand and your business in mind.

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