15 Ways To Make Your Infographic Go Viral on Social Media

How is your infographic doing with your brand? Assuming you have an infographic, are you getting the results that you expected to derive from it? If not, perhaps you should look at the quality of your infographic first. Does it appeal to your target audience? Does it address the essential elements that your primary audience is most concerned about?

Assess the quality of your infographic first. Then you’ll want to make changes as needed to improve the quality of it. Finally, you will want to look into how you are promoting and marketing the infographic. In this post, we’ll look at how you can make your infographic the best it can be, increase the shareability of your graphic3, and increase your chances to make it go viral.


15 Ways to Make Your Infographic Go Viral

Making an infographic (or any media) go viral is not an easy task. To make something go viral, you have to start with marketing. Marketing is an overall strategy that you use to promote your products, services, and brand that utilizes a variety of techniques to achieve a result.


If you want something to go viral, you first have to make it popular. You have to make it shareable and coveted by a majority of the viewers who see it. In other words, it has to be something that everyone wants. Below are 15 ideas on how to move toward this end when promoting your create interactive infographics.

1. Make it visual.– According to some studies, 65% of learners take in information primarily through visual means. This study by SSRN Research Library illustrates the types of learners and percentage of learners in various types of learning modes. Visual learners are the majority with 30% being aural learners who learn by hearing. The remaining 5% falls into the kinesthetic, hands-on, experimental, and eclectic learner category. This means that most people are going to respond to visual stimuli if you put it in your infographic so focus on the visual aspect as much as possible.

2. Start with the end in mind.– When you create your infographic with the end in mind, you will always create an infographic that will work on the platform you need to place it on. This allows you to place your infographic in multiple locations to increase the chances of viral promotion.

3. Choose your sharing audience.– Remember that getting your infographic presentation to go viral does not mean that everyone on the planet has to see it! Just three million views could be considered “viral” so don’t think that you have to get everyone to like your content to get it to go viral. Try to target your people who would do the most good for your infographic and ask them to share. This list of people could come from your subscription list or others that you know love your brand.

4. Be specific.– Make your message specific and focused rather than trying to include too many things at once. This will avoid confusing your message, and it will encourage more interest in sharing.

5. Start with an important theme.– If you have an infographic that you don’t think deals with an important theme, perhaps you should rethink your entire purpose. It should be based on something important to your viewers and customers if you want your infographic to go viral.

6. Utilize the “fuzzy theory.”– The “fuzzy theory” is a psychological study that was done several years ago that illustrated how more people are interested in helping animals that are “cute” or “fuzzy” than those that are not as attractive (such as alligators or toads). This study not only uncovered the hypocrisy sometimes present in the animal rights movement, but it also served to illustrate how people will be attracted to adorable animals, kids, and other things that appeal to their emotional preferences.

You can tap into this psychology in your infographic by including something cute or sensational within your infographic. Remember though, to make sure that it is relevant to your content.

7. Create a sense of urgency.– Apple has always done a good job of creating a sense of urgency for their products. Every single item that Apple creates now has thousands of people lined up down the block to get one. This kind of urgency put together with a great product or brand is a winning combination.

8. Be evergreen.– If you make your message one that will last beyond the period that you put it out, you’ll be onto something great with your message. Create an infographic that will be just as effective in the future as it is today so that you can cycle it around again to get more views with new people later.

9. Offer exclusivity.– One way to get more shares and make your infographic more popular is to offer something exclusively for those who share your message. A free eBook or other item or a coupon on a next purchase will suffice.

10. Offer incentives for sharing.– Incentives can be in the form of discounts or coupons, a Facebook mention or link back to a customer’s site, or any other thing that will motivate people to share.

11. Give something away free.– What do your customers like? What would make them happy? Do a survey and find out what they want then offer what you can afford to incentivize your offers for sharing your infographic on social media. This is the essence of creating brand evangelists and making your message more popular.

12. Create a catchy call-to-action.Your call-to-action is important. Make your infographic appealing by asking customers to share with others in your infographic in return for a favor or discount.

13. Where to post infographics– If you have a dedicated page on your website for your infographic, it will increase your traffic to your brand and infographic in Google.

14. Create a video from your infographic.– By creating a video from your infographic or a video infographic, you’ll increase your audience potential and your chances of making your message go viral. Many mobile users are on their devices looking for video, so use video infographics to appeal to them.

15. Be original.– Try to keep your infographic original and innovative in any way that you can. Include interesting trendy topics or high-impact visuals to increase your chances of viral impact.

How to promote your infographic

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