11 content Upgrade Ideas To Grow Your Email List Rapidly

Do you know the trick to grow your email list 10x faster? If not, then this post is what you need.

You have already started building your own email list knowing the immense importance of it, but still, the conversion rate is dropping down.

In this situation, what if you can get 10% serious subscribers? Well, how about 20%? And if 30%? Yes, that’s true. You can dramatically increase your email list with content upgrade opt-ins and convert comparatively higher than others.

Now what are content upgrades? Content upgrades are simply bonus contents that user can download or access by submitting their email ids. However don’t confuse them with “site-wide” lead magnets, because content upgrades are unique in nature to the content that people are listening to or reading on a website. And content upgrades convert. But why and how?

Because they are specific, relevant and useful.

By the types of information downloaded each time a chunk of traffic visits your website, you can segregate the email lists based on that. However, the big reason why people refrain from doing it is that you need to put some additional work into it.

As of now, guess you have fathomed that content upgrades are one of the best ways to grow your email list. So today I have a few tips and ideas as to how you can utilize content upgrades and boost your email list every day.

1. Worksheets
Probably the most obvious and easy way to generate more subscribers. Are you trying to educate your target audience with anything? If so, then why not create an assignment for your readers? They can download the pdf, take the concept home, and apply it to their own situation. You just need to create a pdf that has all the values your readers live their life and come up with a solution specific to their niche.

2. PDF Blog Post
No doubt, this is the easiest type of content offer. Use Google Docs to draft up your articles; you just have to save your final draft as a pdf and make it into a content upgrade. This is truly easy. Just upload them into a media folder or use platforms like Leadpages to deliver your content upgrades.

And just because your content adds value, your readers are sure to come back to you.

3. Checklist
What can be more productive than a checklist that your readers can get printed out, and then use over and over? This adds a great value to your readers and is considered as great content upgrade solution. the checklist could be a step by step guide, a set of materials required for a project, or even some top tips. The longer your post is, the more a person would be inclined to grab the checklist.

For e.g., if you are talking about a process of promoting your blog post, you might have a checklist of all that a blogger should do to promote the blog post. Your checklist is sure to be downloaded.


4. Video or audio recording
If you’ve previously hosted and recorded an interview, a webinar, or any informational video, which is relevant to your blog post, then it’s useful to offer the recording as a bonus. Because people digest information in different ways. And a recording appeals much to those who learn better through audio.

You could record a blog post as an audio file. Simply record yourself reading the blog out loud. This might not be the traditional way, but as you know, the process of absorbing information varies from readers to readers. And by providing this additional bits of information, you would kindle the interest of your readers.

5. Printable poster
This is a great option that helps people to stay “in the zone.”. This is something inspiring that will remind them to stay organized.

It could be a motivational quote, a diagram, or may be images that your readers can relate to. And also they get printed out and pinned up on their wall, or keep in their diary. Maybe it could just be a ‘Top Ten’ or a ‘Top Fifteen’ list, or images that you already have on your blog.

6. Mini ebook
It’s less than a full ebook, yet is a valuable piece of information. You can create a mini-ebook by simply connecting a series of related blogs. You can string together the series into PDF format, and offer this mini ebook as a content upgrade on each of the blog posts in the series.

But remember, the focus should be on the word ‘mini.’ So don’t get swayed by lengthy paragraphs or any extra content. Because lengthy ebooks can overwhelm the users.


7. Transcripts
If your main piece of content is a webinar, an interview or a podcast, you could create a transcript as an extra downloadable PDF file. And because transcripts aren’t normally produced for most podcasts, so a transcript can help grow your list rapidly.

It is not only an easy process, but also you can even hire a transcriber if you don’t want to spend your time in that. When the users download the transcript pdfs, you can check and track who is interested in that subject, and thus you can promote related products to them as well.

8. Report/Whitepaper
In case you have done extensive research on a specific topic, why not turn it into a report or a whitepaper and offer your readers as an upgrade? That will educate them about their industry and interest. May be you have hosted a survey on consumption of digital data each year, you can make it into a nice looking white paper.

By this, you would also attain an expert status amongst your readers.

9. Case Study
People want to learn about the moves of other people. As a result sharing about other people’s success stories is always appealing. You may share success stories of a renowned and influential person in your field. You may also guide them as to what should be their next move.

Alternatively, you could even use yourself as a case study. Create a case study about yourself and share your own success story to inspire your readers!


11. A Multimedia Summary
I haven’t seen anyone do this before, but it would be fun to experiment with!

This is a fun way to upgrade your content for your readers. Give a human touch to your content by supporting it with a video or an audio file of you talking and discussing the topic in more detail. When people hear your voice and see you talking about the content, which they are interested in, this appeals them a lot. This upgrade also serves as a great call to action.

Perhaps an easy and simple way for upgraded content.

So these are a few tips that have the potential to generate results for you.

Any questions on how would you create a content upgrade for yourself? Got any idea around creating a content upgrade? Feel free to contact us.