10 Cool Social Media Tools to Escalate Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media has always been a puzzle, a maze. You have to put the right blocks at the right places to make your way out. This is the Social Media Maze. Well, you see, why is it a puzzle, because there are many who attract so much engagement, likes, and activities. And some are there who are in constant struggle to make a ground of themselves. So this is where you need to play your game through and be a winner.

But how? How would you manage all these manually? You have a business to run, an office to supervise, employees to coordinate. And then at the end of the day, would you want to be stacked doing social media activities? There are people to hire who can help you in this, but something done through automation, as well as done manually, has vast different outcomes.

Some time back we discussed how you can increase your engagement specifically in Facebook, and in Twitter.

Today to increase your overall social media engagement, we have a few tools for you, that once placed in right order, will take up the tedious jobs and thus boost your social media engagement extensively. There are hundreds of these social media tools to take up this social media challenge for you; we have ten of them to unveil!

1. HowSociable
As the name says, HowSociable is a tool to find out how much popular a brand is, how much do the Netizens adore it. This works on the basis of the data received from more than 30 active social networking sites. This tool basically helps you to compare your brand, with that of another in your domain. Once you get to know what your rival brands are doing, you can take up their tactics, use them for your own and outmaneuver them.

This is a great tool to start, and when used smartly, can reap substantial benefits to you in the long run.

2. Klout
Marketing strategies nowadays are more personal, more targeted than it was five years back. Now marketers are empowered with high end marketing technology that gives them in-depth insights about their customers, their needs, and expectations. And while doing it, marketing these days also come with challenges. While it has made it easy for brands to create targeted and personalized messages for their customers, it is also challenging how to engage more and more audience. Given the various advertising agendas that are around, it is hard for a prospect to build trust in your brand.

So, the need of the hour is Influencer Marketing. It is highly in trend and smartest form of marketing these days.

However, it is time-consuming as well, skimming through a plethora of tweets and posts, and other online contents. Klout is a tool that helps you get connected to the influencers and thus curbing down the time and struggle. The influencer outreach process is simplified with Klout via a convenient and reliable search engine.

3. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is the most potent and worthy social tools of this time. It helps you to get connected with more than 30 renowned social media platforms, with just a single click. Just click the share button, and your content will be shared to all of your social media handles you have. Just create the posts, plan the delivery of the same through Hootsuite as per your desired time, and voila! Your post gets shared successfully across all platforms you have your profile on.

Thus, with Hootsuite, you can engage your audience more than ever, coordinate the posts, collaborate, analyze the activities done on each of your posts.

4. Buffer
If you have still not implemented Buffer in your social media engagement strategy, then you better get started right now. Because Buffer is a great tool that helps you to schedule up to 2000 social media posts through their Business Plan. Imagine, 2000!

And not only that, but Buffer also helps you analyze the activities generated by each of your posts. You may allow your team mates to access and analyze the posts. Simply put, Buffer is a fantastic tool to take your business to a greater height.

5. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer
The power of a compelling and well-crafted headline is immense. And when it comes to social media, a headline is your lucky charm. The engagement quotient of your post is directly related to the kind of headline you put. It can either attract and build engagement or repel and break it.

So how would you be doubly sure that you are putting a worthy headline? Trust CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. An analyzing tool that helps you to detect the flaw in your headline, where exactly it needs improvement, the readability aspect, what kind of power keywords the headline needs to strike the emotion of your audience, and so on.

Based on the kinds of words you have used in your headline, the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will give you a rating based on a scale of 1-100, so that you can maintain the balance of your headline.

6. Adobe Spark
If you want to create some visually engaging and socially engaging videos and graphics, Adobe Spark is your mate then! Highly social media optimized and graphically stunning images could be created through Adobe Spark, which are sure to go viral.

You can also create ads with high click through rate in Adobe Spark. This tool is all you need to raise up your social media engagement.

7. ShortStack
The internet folks love contests, promotions and anything hep and happening. Contests allure them more because of the quick-ending time limit and the desire to win the prize. In short, contests can increase your social media engagement in no time.

To make it more secure and automated for you, we now unveil, ShortStack. This is a tool that creates contests that are targeted to your audience. There are pre-existing templates that you can choose, or you can upload one of your own.

What is so cool about ShortStack is, this creates contests in the form of voting contests, interactive quizzes, giveaways, and more. Also, it gives you an URL to share across your social media networks, once the contest is done.

8. PromoRepublic
PromoRepublic is a social media engagement tool that comes with pre-made content templates. Who can deny the importance of quality contents to stay at the forefront of industry news? As a supplier of regular quality contents that are engaging and highly social, PromoRepublic is the best deal for you.

You can choose the content template, customize it, and can share it on your multiple social media handles to boost engagement. The content ideas could be classified as “creative content,” “engage,” and “promotions,” to give you a preference of your outcome. The “made for you” section gives you the freedom to explore the topics and choose them based on your requirement.

And this isn’t the end. PromoRepublic also has a Statistics section, that gives you a vivid insight of the social media activity generated by each of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

9. Post Planner
When it is all about scheduling your posts, nothing can beat PostPlanner. You can easily discover the trending posts on Facebook and schedule your posts. PostPlanner is an ideal tool to curate, schedule, and post your content, thus augment your social media engagement. Within a short time, owing to the prowess of PostPlanner, your brand can garner engagement all over the social media network.

10. AgoraPulse
For marketers who are in desperate need for organic inbound leads, try AgoraPulse. It is a great tool to manage each of your social media profiles from a single place. AgoraPulse has a feature of unlimited campaigns that increases your brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, and other like social networks. An effective lead generation tool that lets you analyze stunning reports of most of your social networks in one dashboard. You can create in-store contests, promotions, offer coupons that accumulate personalized data of your leads.

Try AgoraPulse, and never miss a comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more you revert to the comments you get, the higher your engagement becomes.

So to help you increase your social media engagement to an optimum level, we have rounded up ten social media tools above. These are affordable, easy to incorporate into your hectic schedule, and are remarkably efficacious to escalate your social media engagement.

Do you have your favorite tool listed above? If yes then, leave a comment. And if no, then also write back to us and let us know which tool you use for your social media activity and engagement.