How to Promote an Infographic in 10 Steps

How to Promote an Infographic in 10 Steps

Infographics are expensive to create – about a minimum of $300, unless you can design one yourself. But it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. The most challenging part however, is sharing your well designed, eye-catching, compelling and interesting infographic with the world. It’s not enough to simply post an infographic on your site and hope that someone finds it.

The good news is that, Infographics are like mobile tablets, and that’s what makes them great when it comes to simple, straight-to-the-point information. They are:

- Transportable – Downloading and uploading an Infographic takes a few minutes.
- Attract a lot of attention - Visual display of information coupled with fantastic imagery assures massive views of your Infographic.
- Backlinks - The greatest thing about Infographics is that they boost SEO to any site. Backlinks are the gold standard of gaining rank.

Promoting an Infographic is more than pushing news out to the masses: The key is getting your story in front of the influencers of your brand, such as bloggers and journalists, to ultimately reach your ideal audience. You may need to spend hours staring at your computer screen to boost your Infographic viewership, but promoting an Infographic is a much easier task than it seems at first. You could even watch a movie while doing it!

Promoting Infographic Easy1. Post the Infographic everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+, Pinterest… anywhere and everywhere! Get the word out by writing a tweet, a small description on Facebook, tag everyone you know and ask (plead) them to tag their friends and so on.

2. Regard your sources – Wikipedia is useful but don’t stop there! Check out other Infographics (if any) on a similar topic, websites, and blogs and encourage them to speak out about your Infographic. You could even offer previews or pre-release opportunities for more influential sources.

3. Blog! – Create a blogpost about your Infographic, and create back-links to your main site, Facebook, Twitter and so on, or submit it to Infographic hosting sites. Briefly outline what the Infographic is about. This will definitely create a buzz about your Infographic. Here are some aggregators and directories that you can submit your Infographic to:








Become Visible on the Internet

4. Write a Press Release – It has to be SEO optimized including a link to the full Infographic and distribute through a news distribution service such PRWeb making the promotional process essentially turn-key.

5. Email Marketing – Send emails, and e-newsletters to contributors and clients on your contact list.

6. Bookmark – More serious than posting on Social networking sites, bookmarking involves pitching to relevant industry bloggers and readers, such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Don’t just sit and wait for feedback, make a contribution or comment on other Infographics to get traction, and in return, people will comment on your Infographic.

Break it down – Create screen shots for your Infographic useful in blog posts and images for hosting sites such as Pinterest with a link back to the original site page.

8. Data Points – Ever wonder how certain users have tweets or updates throughout the day, leaving you to wonder if they’re always online? They simply apply period-tweets and Facebook updates throughout the day/week! Promote your Infographic in a similar manner never forgetting to create a link back to your original site. 10 data points/statistics = 10 tweets.

9. Video Infographic – Create a Video Infographic from your Infographic and post it on YouTube, and other video hosting sites. This is bound to work, as statistically, more people watch videos than they read.

10. Social Media Release – More casual than a press release as it is molded for social networking sites. It gives users the option to share and broadcast your Infographic. Pitch Engine is a good option for free SMR distribution.

These are the keys to orchestrating your Infographic promotion plan. And remember, your content may be great – but what makes it truly great is when others share it!

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